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General information

I am looking for information on your products and services

You can find general information about our products and services here.

If you have specific questions about a product or service, you can find your contact here.

Note: these contacts do not handle operational queries. If you need to reach one of our client service teams, you can find the relevant contact details using the Contacts app on MyEuroclear.

If you are supplier, you can find information here.

I am looking for legal and contractual information
I would like more information on Euroclear financial results, shareholder information etc.
What is the difference between and MyEuroclear?

  • High-level information on our services across the Euroclear group
  • insight and views on industry trends
  • upcoming events
  • press contacts
  • non-password protected area


  • your knowledge portal to all operational information and tools (‘apps’), per Euroclear entity
  • includes apps for daily use: securities data, counterparty data, reference documentation (‘Knowledge base’ app), service updates
  • password protected area - although you can also access as a guest without logging in and access our public operational information
I would like to make a formal complaint

At Euroclear, we care about how we do business with our clients. If you are not satisfied with the services we offer, we are keen to address any issues you may be facing.

Before proceeding, have you already discussed your issue with your regular contact(s) at Euroclear?

No – please get in touch with your regular contact(s) at Euroclear to discuss your issue further.

Yes – I have been in touch with my regular contact(s) at Euroclear but I’m not satisfied how my issue was handled. I would like to make a formal complaint.

Please select your entity to continue:


Your go-to place for our operational information and documentation


How can I access MyEuroclear?

It’s free and easy to do. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Registration page.
  2. Complete all required fields, starting with the Euroclear account number of your company.
    Important: if you do not enter a Euroclear account number, you will not have full access to the content on MyEuroclear. If you do not know your company's account number, check with your colleague managing the business relationship with the relevant Euroclear entity. 
  3. Select Submit

We will validate your registration and confirm your access via email (between 24 – 48 hours).

If you have any question or issue with your registration, email us at

Information and apps

What type of information can I find on MyEuroclear?

You are looking for: 

What is the difference between the Knowledge base and the News & updates app?

Knowledge base

Static, permanent information: library of market and service descriptions, user guides, forms, instruction formats, deadlines, legal information.

News & updates

One-off announcements of service updates: Newsletters, Bulletins, Newsflashes

Why do I get a 404 ‘Page not found’ error message when clicking on certain links?

You are only able to access the protected information for the Euroclear entity which you are a client of.

This error message appears if you are trying to access information which is not available for your profile.

To check your profile to see for which Euroclear entities you are registered:

  1. Log in
  2. Click your name at the top right of your screen
  3. Select ‘User settings’

If you are a Euroclear client, you should see one or more account numbers with the status ‘validated’.

Where can I find an overview of your services for a specific market (Euroclear Bank)?
For each market, you can find a ‘Basics’ page:
  • go to the Knowledge base in
  • select the tags
  • Information type: Basics
  • Markets – choose one or more
  • Entity: Euroclear Bank

For more information, refer to Tips on using the knowledge base app (pdf-1.39MB).

Where can I find an overview of the different services offered?

For each service, you can find a ‘Basics’ page:

  1. go to the Knowledge base in
  2. select the tags
    • Information type: Basics
    • Services: choose one or more
    • Entity: choose your Euroclear entity

Or if you are looking for high-level information about our service offering, you can check on

For more information, refer to Tips on using the knowledge base app (pdf-1.39MB).

How can I bookmark a webpage?

You can bookmark any webpage on MyEuroclear by clicking the Bookmark icon:

  • beside the search results in the Knowledge base or News & updates apps
  • at the bottom of any webpage on MyEuroclear

You can find your bookmarks:

  • at the bottom of any entity dashboard
  • by clicking on your name in the top row and selecting Bookmarks. From here, you can rename or delete a bookmark at any time.
How can I save a search?

To avoid regularly searching on the same keyword or topic in the Knowledge base app, you can save a search result.

  1. Enter a search term
  2. Click Save search

In the box that appears, name your search and click Save.

To find your saved searches:

  1. Click your name at the top right of your screen
  2. Select ‘Saved searches’

Tip: you can add 10 saved searched to your dashboard so that you have access to them immediately after logging in.

  1. Go to your Saved searches as described above
  2. Click ‘Add to favourites’


What is the dashboard?

When you log into MyEuroclear, you land on a dashboard.

The dashboard contains quick links to key content and apps for the relevant entity, as well as your bookmarks, saved searches and operational email subscriptions.

Your default dashboard is defined by the entity you requested access to.

How can I change my default dashboard?

If you have access to more than one Euroclear entity or the entity has more than one dashboard:

  • You can easily change your default dashboard in User settings > Preferences > My default dashboard
  • You can easily switch between dashboards by selecting a dashboard from the list under More Dashboards in the top bar of your screen

Email subscriptions

How can I set up and manage my email subscriptions?

The Operational news subscription app on MyEuroclear is where you can create and manage all your operational news subscriptions.

Why am I not receiving emails based on my email subscriptions?

It is possible that your IT department has not white listed our email addresses.

Please contact your IT department and ask them to white list (i.e. ‘allow’) our email domains:

Why do I receive emails for news items to which I am not subscribed?

If you receive emails from but not according to the subscription you set up, you can check your email subscriptions as follows:

  1. log in
  2. click your name at the top right of your screen
  3. select ‘Operational news subscriptions’
  4. click 'Edit my subscriptions' to select the topics you are interested in.

Euroclear EasyWay®

Transform the way you work with us

I would like more information on EasyWay

You can find information on

You can find information on MyEuroclear. You will need to log in to access this content:

As a Euroclear Bank client, how can I set up a connection to EasyWay?

Our EasyWay onboarding pages can guide you through the technical setup process for your company administrators and users.

If you have any technical issues, our Technical Wizard can help you.

Note: you will need to log in to MyEuroclear to access this content.