Innovating in a highly-regulated landscape

As an open Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI), we innovate actively by developing services in close collaboration with clients. We have also embarked on a number of partnerships with market infrastructure and pioneering FinTech startups aimed at better ways of working to increase efficiency and reduce cost and risk.

Today, under increasingly heavy regulatory and compliance roadmaps, we are challenged as to how to bring the advantages of new technology into a highly-regulated landscape whilst maintaining our systemically important FMI role as the reliable and trusted business partner.

Collaboration is key.

FinTech in particular offers significant opportunities to increase efficiencies through greater collaboration and innovation, while unlocking mutual cost-savings.

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Digital Financial Market Infrastructure

Harnessing DLT to power the financial market infrastructure of tomorrow

Partnership with remarkable FinTechs

Innovate to bring safety, efficiency and connections to financial markets for sustainable economic growth

EasyFocus - powered by AI

Predictive settlement matching prioritisation tool.


CBDC Blockchain experiment led by Banque de France and Euroclear

A video about a consortium of institutions led by Euroclear that have successfully experimented central bank digital currency (CBDC) for settling French treasury bonds on a test blockchain.

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Euroclear Hackathon

Each year, our Hackathon brings together people in a collaborative environment to solve challenges. It creates a safe space where we can test not only technology, program languages but also possibilities and methodologies.  

This makes it possible to stimulate an innovative mindset that can provide an unexpected step forward.  

For the 2023 edition of Euroclear Hackathon, we have come up with four new challenges, each highly relevant to the Euroclear long-term vision and strategy. 


Partnering with us is a true win-win. 

Collaborating with Euroclear means:

  • for early stage FinTechs, rapid testing your product market fit through discussions with our clients and organisation of market proof-of-values.
  • for later stage FinTechs, boost your go-to-market through the trusted client base of more than 2,000 financial institutions across the globe.
  • obtaining access to deep expertise in the capital markets across different fields including business, legal, regulatory and IT.
  • flexibility in the type of collaboration offered - be it through commercial relationship or different types of equity investment.
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