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How to become a client

Euroclear Sweden, the Swedish CSD, is the hub of the Swedish financial market and plays a central role in the Nordic financial system. In addition to securities settlement, we offer a range of services for issuers, including safe and efficient management of shareholder registers, as well as shareholder identification and meeting services. Our modern fund order management system for Swedish fund transactions is our latest development.

Most financial instruments existing on the Swedish market are registered and settled with us. Both Swedish and foreign instruments are catered for. Approximately 2000 companies – including all listed limited companies in Sweden – are affiliated with our securities system and utilise our issuer services.

Participation in our securities settlement system

Why become a CSD participant with Euroclear Sweden?

To access robust solutions for safekeeping, clearing and settlement of primarily Swedish securities. Only a CSD participant can be fully visible in the market and offer their clients top tier segregated securities accounts, which are automatically visible in the shareholder register and hence there is no need to register voting rights. By becoming a direct client, you get access to top tier accounts and settlement in central bank money thus removing the counterparty risk that exists in the custody value chain.

Who can become a CSD participant?

Organisations holding a permit from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority for execution of orders in respect of financial instruments on behalf of customers or, for foreign financial institutions, the equivalent authorisation under satisfactory supervision by an authority or other competent body, and fulfils the access criteria’s, can become a CSD participant with Euroclear Sweden.

What does it mean to be a CSD participant?

A CSD participant of Euroclear Sweden can open and administrate securities accounts as well as participate in clearing and settlement by submitting instructions to the system for settlement. The participant can also choose to take on the role as nominee as well as payment bank, depending on their own business model.

CSD participants can decide to utilise a service provider to perform all or some of its operations, but the legal obligations towards Euroclear Sweden will always remain with the CSD participant.

What services are on offer for CSD participants?

Euroclear Sweden offers a wide range of services to its CSD participants. Below we present a summary of the services:

  • Safekeeping (central maintenance service): there are two alternatives for safekeeping of securities:
    • Direct owner accounts: top tier segregated securities accounts, i.e. securities accounts which are registered in the name of the owner. Holders of the direct owner accounts are automatically visible in the shareholder register and hence there is no need to register voting rights.
    • Nominee /omnibus accounts: top tier accounts available for CSD participant that acts as a nominee to safekeep their underlying clients. A nominee is authorised to open, update and close securities account with type nominee account. By request of ES, nominees are legally required to provide information about underlying owners to create a nominee list of owners (known as nominee reporting).
  • Notary Services: the initial recording and updates or securities distribution of securities carried out by Euroclear Sweden.
  • Clearing & Settlement Services: of securities denominated in SEK and EUR. The settlement of securities fulfils international demands regarding the delivery of securities against payment and is also a final and irrevocable settlement in accordance with the EU directive concerning settlement finality.
  • Asset Servicing: Euroclear Sweden offers processing of most types of corporate actions on behalf of issuers. New event types are added over time.
  • Messaging & Notifications: clients can subscribe to a wide range of messaging/notification options through different ways of communication. Euroclear Sweden continuously works on extending its offer to its clients.
  •  Cash Distribution Services: of payments stemming from corporate actions on financial instruments such as dividends, interest payments, and redemptions.
  • Liquidity Management: Euroclear Sweden offers multi-currency settlement (SEK and EUR) in central bank money.
  • Issuance: Euroclear Sweden offers issuance services for a range of financial instruments; equities, fixed income instruments, structured products
  • Issuer Agent Services: enables a CSD participant to act on behalf of the issuer in relation to the issuance of financial instruments and other corporate actions.
  • Automated Fund Trading: standardised solution for automation of fund order processing
  • Information Services: Securities reference data as well as data on corporate actions are available as supplementary services. Other information services include register of shareholders for listed companies. More offerings will be added over time.

Please note that the above list is a summary of the wide range of services available to CSD participants and not exhaustive.

Issuing of securities

If you issue your company’s shares or other financial instruments through our electronic securities system, you can benefit from our highly efficient portfolio of issuer services, including the safe management of your digital shareholder register. Read more about our offering to companies issuing shares, bonds and structured products on Euroclear Sweden's website.

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