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New €GCPlus service
Towards T2S

Issuing securities

Experience fast and efficient issuance and distribution with streamlined access to the broadest range of investors

banish the complexities of bringing new issues to market

Reducing your risk

Make the most of the safest environment for all your post-trade processing needs

manage your risk with confidence

Processing your transactions

Safe and efficient processing of your securities transactions has been at the heart of our business for over 50 years

get the best in automation and expertise

Managing your collateral

When liquidity matters, count on us to manage your collateral effectively

get on the Collateral Highway

Servicing your assets

Maximum asset protection and much more. Working with you, for you, so you can safely and effectively manage your assets             

make sure you get the most out of your portfolio

Expanding your fund universe

Grow your fund business with ease and reduce your operational costs and risk

optimise your fund business

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Discover the most cost-effective way to provide your clients with reliably efficient settlement and premium asset servicing while maximising the potential of the assets you're holding

Investment banks

Cut the complexities inherent in bringing new issues to market and boost your trading capabilities with easy access to liquidity and robust real-time settlement


Maximise your trading capabilities and reduce your operational costs with reliable real-time settlement combined with a potent array of liquidity solutions to suit your needs


Experience the smoothest initiation and distribution of your new issues while giving your investors the assurance of quality and strong asset servicing they’re looking for

Funds professionals

Whatever your role, you can access a compelling range of investment fund services – specifically designed to substantially support effective distribution, both within local markets and across international borders

Central Banks

Combine true DVP settlement with a range of integrated services that strike the right balance between process efficiency and asset protection

Your apps at your fingertips

The dashboard

With the operations dashboard you can choose the information and tools you need and access them all from one place.


Securities database

Search our extensive databases for quick access to reference data on securities for Euroclear Bank, the ESES CSDs and Euroclear UK & Ireland.


Knowledge base

Easily find any reference material about our products and services – such as user guides, registration forms, legal documents, lists and instruction formats.


News & updates

Find all Euroclear news and updates in one place.


Stock loan data for UK and Irish securities

Our stock loan data service is designed to increase market transparency by providing aggregated lending statistics on a security-by-security basis.


Real-time tracker

Refreshed automatically, the real-time tracker allows Euroclear Bank clients to monitor instantly the status of our real-time processes.


Corporate actions

If you’re a Euroclear Bank client you can get fast and easy access to corporate actions supporting documentation.


Market directory

If you’re a Euroclear Bank client, you can use the market directory to easily find contact information and account numbers for market contacts across the world.



Get an overview of all our training sessions and sign up online.


Counterparties search

If you’re a Euroclear Bank client, you can find your counterparties quickly online using a BIC, Euroclear Bank code or local code.



Cut down on your paperwork with e-Forms designed to make account administration quicker and simpler.

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