Corporate actions

Euroclear Belgium

For market participants holding securities for their own account, or on behalf of their clients, corporate actions support services are complex and crucial.

Flexible processes are ever more critical in reducing risk and costs. This is what we offer.

Cost-effective and efficient

We offer CSD corporate action services covering:

  • voluntary corporate actions 
  • mandatory corporate actions
  • disclosure requests

We work to support the full corporate action lifecycle with:

  • high-quality, accurate information sent to you on time, to allow forward planning and informed choices
  • close-to-market election deadlines to allow for a maximum of time for you to instruct 
  • standardised, ISO-based end-to-end announcements and straight-through processing, minimising cost and risk 
  • Delivery Versus Payment (DVP) payment: as an investor you remain entitled to your original securities up to the moment you are credited with the new securities or cash

Our corporate actions experts are at hand to guide you through any corporate action.

How to become a client

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Our tariff

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