Euroclear Sweden

From VPC to Euroclear Sweden, we have been the Swedish Central Securities Depository since 1971, and part of the international Euroclear group since 2008.

We play a fundamental economic role in the financial market, providing a digital platform for securities management, underpinned by high levels of automation and reliability for a safer, more efficient and transparent marketplace.

As a regulated Financial Market Infrastructure, we are supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and the Swedish Central Bank.

We offer:

  • services to ease securities administration to some 1,600 issuers 
  • support to over 100 companies in holding their Annual General Meeting 
  • transaction and asset services to over 50 banks and brokers that are members in our securities system 
  • a digital platform for automated funds management

One of the Swedish market´s key characteristics is transparency in holdings. We currently have some 3,2 million investor accounts registered in our digital securities system.
We also have our affiliated companies´ public shareholder registers available on request.

Contact us

Euroclear Sweden AB
Box 191
101 23 Stockholm, Sweden


Klarabergsviadukten 63


+46 (0)8 402 90 00

Services offered by Euroclear Sweden

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How to become a client

By becoming a client of Euroclear Sweden, you gain access to the widest range of counterparties and financial instruments

Our tariff

Our tariff

For a list of fees and charges for Participants, issuers of shares and issuers of other financial instruments, please consult the Forms and other documents webpage on the Euroclear Sweden website.