Euroclear Sweden

As a market participant, you expect your securities trades to be settled safely, efficiently and at low cost. That’s what we offer as the Central Securities Depository (CSD) for the Swedish securities market.

We provide highly efficient, reliable Delivery Versus Payment (DVP) settlement services:

  • we operate a DVP model 1 settlement system, meaning that we simultaneously transfer cash to the seller and securities to the buyer.
  • we settle your free of payment or against payment transactions in Swedish kronor or euro ‘central bank money’, meaning that the cash leg takes place by transferring cash from the buyer’s to the seller’s account with the National Central Bank, further
    reducing risk.

We settle both on-exchange and Over-The-Counter (OTC) transactions.

You can also benefit from:

  • our direct link with Euroclear Finland, the Finnish CSD, to transfer multi-deposited securities 
  • free of payment cross-border settlement services for certain foreign and international securities, via our links with other CSDs and International CSDs, including Euroclear Bank

We are specialists in the Swedish financial market and like to guide you through our local market practices and regulations.

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Our tariff