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Accessing a predictable cash flow to support your financing needs while keeping costs low is a challenge.

Euroclear puts issuers, lead managers, arrangers, issuer agents and legal counsels at the centre of the capital markets. We give you access to the largest and most diverse range of investors to raise the funds you need quickly and cost-effectively across multiple jurisdictions, currencies and instruments.

Why issue your securities in Euroclear

We support the success of your funding effort before, during and after issuance by enabling you to:

  • Build the optimal structure for your security – currency, legal jurisdiction, instrument – to meet you, and your investors needs
  • Reach a wide range of global investors to access the capital you require and build a predictable cash flow
  • Build and maintain investor loyalty with leading secondary market access, collateral management and asset servicing

Choose the structure that fits you and your investors needs

We support the structuring of new issues across all asset classes to meet the needs of issuers, intermediaries and investors in both the ICSD and CSD environments.

ICSD issuance via Euroclear Bank

Investor reach
Access to a broad range of international investors
Choice of issuance governing law
Wide range of eligible instruments
- Settlement: approximately 50 currencies
- Denomination: approximately 100 currencies
Free of charge
DVP primary Distribution
Commercial Bank Money

CSD issuance via the Euroclear CSDs in Belgium, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Sweden or UK & Ireland

Investor reach
Access to a broad range of domestic and international investors (including T2S markets)
Choice of issuance governing law (in Euroclear UK & Ireland, issuance is restricted to the laws of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man)
Wide range of eligible instruments
- Settlement: domestic currency (EUR settlement is also available in Euroclear Sweden)
- Denomination: domestic currency and major international currencies including EUR, USD, GBP and CNY
Free of charge in France, the Netherlands, United Kingdom & Ireland
DVP primary Distribution
Central Bank Money

Stay up-to-date on regulatory compliance

Our experts help you bring your securities to market in a fast-changing regulatory environment. This means you can focus on meeting your funding needs while remaining compliant with global and local regulations.

CSD Regulation (CSDR)

Euroclear’s CSDs will be fully CSDR compliant allowing you to continue issuing your securities through Euroclear for access to investors across Europe, and the world.

Target2-Securities (T2S)

Issuers get streamlined access to Europe’s markets by centralising their activity in one of our T2S connected Issuer CSDs - Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Finland. We are the leading place of issuance in Europe’s T2S markets for all instrument types. And, we provide you with a single access point to reach investors worldwide.

Primary issuance across the Euroclear group

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