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Tapping into the capital markets

The international capital markets continue to offer a vital source of funding and liquidity for issuers. Access to a robust international investor base governed by well-established rules and practices is a major part of the appeal, as it provides a predictable cash flow to meet your financing needs. Funding your business while keeping costs low can be a challenge however. In today’s complex environment, the risk of incurring extra costs by failing to comply with local market practices, or anticipating global regulatory changes, has become all the more real.

As an experienced provider of issuance services across multiple jurisdictions,  currencies and instrument types, Euroclear makes it easy for you to navigate these challenges and raise the funds you need in a cost-effective and efficient way. With a large and diverse international client base, we put you at the centre of the capital markets ecosystem so you can efficiently access investors in your home market and across the world.

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An all-round service

We support the success of your funding effort before, during and after issuance by enabling you to:

Select the optimal structure for your security to meet your, and your investors’ needs

Your choice of:

  • currency in which to raise funds
  • jurisdictional legal framework
  • instrument in which to meet your funding needs

Reach a wide range of investors to ensure access to the capital you require

Gain access to:

  • leading international and diversified investor base
  • investors in all major markets
  • predictable cash flow so you receive your funds when you need them

Maintain investor loyalty should you choose to issue securities in the future

Your investors benefit from:

  • access to secondary market liquidity
  • proven collateral management services
  • expert asset servicing (tax services, income processing and corporate actions)

Benefits at a glance

  • Access to a large direct investor base – our client franchise comprises over 2,000 financial institutions in over 90 countries
  • Wide range of options – choose from approximately 50 settlement and 100 denomination currencies, as well as multiple instrument types and applicable legal jurisdictions
  • Dedicated expert support – our experienced support teams guide you throughout the issuance process
  • Same-day distribution – efficient distribution of securities to investors on the same day as issuance
  • Increased transparency – shareholder and bondholder identification services give you a clear overview of your investors

Structuring your new issues

Choose what’s right for you and your investors

We support the structuring of new issues across all asset classes to best meet the needs of issuers, intermediaries and investors. Whether you seek to issue in the international capital markets, or any of the domestic markets of the Euroclear group, we offer multiple prime depot structures.

Investor reach

Access to a broad range of international investors


Choice of issuance governing law


Wide range of eligible instruments


  • Settlement: approximately 50 currencies
  • Denomination: approximately 100 currencies


Free of charge

DVP primary distribution

Commercial Bank Money

CSD issuance via the Euroclear CSDs in Belgium, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Sweden or UK & Ireland

Investor reach

Access to a broad range of domestic and international investors (including T2S markets)


Choice of issuance governing law

Note: In Euroclear UK & International, issuance is restricted to the laws of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man


Wide range of eligible instruments


  • Settlement: domestic currency
  • Denomination: domestic currency and major international currencies including EUR, USD, GBP and CNY

Note: EUR settlement is also available in Euroclear Sweden


Free of charge in France, the Netherlands, United Kingdom & Ireland

DVP primary distribution

Central Bank Money

An evolving marketplace

Staying up on regulatory compliance

Increased regulatory scrutiny and compliance changes – both globally and in the local markets – impact all market participants, including the issuance community. Issuers now face more stringent reporting requirements and are likely to encounter additional regulatory hurdles down the line. You can rely on us to help you comply with regulations as they unfold so that you can safely and efficiently bring your securities to market and meet your funding needs.

Euroclear as a Financial Market Infrastructure ensures timely adoption of the regulatory requirements such as the CDR Regulation and the Shareholder Rights Directive II, while meeting the operational and technical needs of our partners and clients. This means that, regardless of your nationality, you will be able to continue to issue your securities through Euroclear for access to investors across Europe and the world - in a safer, more efficient and more transparent environment.

Streamlined issuance in Europe – and beyond

In the TARGET2-Securities (T2S) environment, issuers can benefit from streamlined access to European markets by centralising activity in one of our Issuer CSDs connecting to T2S (from Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Finland). We are the leading place of issuance in the T2S markets for all types of instruments, and our unified CSD and ICSD services provide you with a single access point to reach investors across Europe and worldwide.

Focusing on efficiency

We work closely with the following industry groups to increase standardisation in the issuance process, and reduce risk and costs for both issuers and their investors.

  • International Capital Markets Association (ICMA) and International Capital Markets Services Association (ICMSA) – we play an active role in promoting the development and efficient functioning of the international capital markets across the asset servicing chain.
  • Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) – as one of the world’s leading numbering agencies, we actively support ANNA’s mission to promote the use of ISO standard identifiers.
  • International Securities Market Advisory Group (ISMAG) – we are a founding member of ISMAG, helping issuers reduce costs and risks while making their securities more attractive to investors.

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