Invoice processing flow

1. Purchase order (PO)

We send a PO to you as our supplier

2. Invoice reception

You send an invoice addressed to the related Euroclear entity:

Note: must be in line with the PO reference

3. Invoice processing (1)

Our Accounts Payable team books your compliant invoice

Note: invoice to be compliant with all legal and Euroclear requirements

4. Invoice approval in our system (1)

We send your invoice to the relevant Euroclear department for internal approval

5. Invoice payment (1)

Our Cash Management team performs the payment of your invoice

Note: Payment performed only once your invoice is approved

6. Your invoice has not been paid? > Reminder

You send a reminder to:

Our ASD team will treat your reminder and investigate the reason for non-payment

Note: send a reminder only for overdue invoice(s) according to the terms and conditions agreed between you and Euroclear

(1) Reasons for invoice payment delays:

  • Invoice not received by our Finance department
  • Invoice not compliant
  • Invoice not approved


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