Funds data solutions

Euroclear FundsPlace®

Euroclear FundsPlace


Reference data

High quality and timely reference data sourced from prospectuses and confirmed by Transfer Agents.

Static and dynamic data

Full access to our data catalog (more than 200 data points). Fully customizable extracts and/or data flows.

Regulatory and ESG data

Comply with SFDR, MIFID II and PRIIPS with readily available templates. High data quality enforced by completeness, format, and coherence controls.


Legal documentation available in multiple languages (KIID,prospectus, factsheets).

Enhanced analytics on market flows and trends on investors’ preferences.


High quality data: enjoy our multi-sourced data points coming from asset managers, transfer agents, data providers & input from our internal data teams.

Our team performs comprehensive checks and controls during the data collection processes to avoid discrepancies and ensure the quality of our golden source - which is also used by our own funds operational teams.

Tailor-made solution: Full scalable solutions assuring tailor-made data flows in order to meet each clients requirements

Large coverage: our coverage evolves depending on the requests we get for our different services. Meaning that it is constantly evolving based on your needs.

Competitive pricing: you pay for what you use, with us, you will never need to buy data packages with data points you will not use.