Funds distribution

Euroclear FundsPlace®

Euroclear FundsPlace


Access to a large library of funds

960 distribution agreements signed with the fund management companies covering 90,000 funds.

Single global agreement covering all funds with each fund management company & new agreements signed upon request.

Rebates collection

Calculation and collection of rebates on a quarterly basis.

Full transparency at different levels: account, ISIN, individual investor, and/or fund-of-fund account.

Online reporting

Access to Linx, our business analytics tool for fund distributors and fund management companies.

Interactive and analytic view of overall portfolio and our rebate collection activity.

Custodian connectivity

Automated interfaces with third-party custodians, allowing us to receive daily data for optimised rebates services.

Connection with over 15 custodians internationally.

Contract management

Ensure contractual coverage of fund distribution activities.
Available even without rebates or remuneration.


Automated & transparent: full traceability of holdings and calculations provided to both fund management companies and fund distributors.

Streamlined rebates management: simplified and integrated rebates collection process for clients, with payments as effectively collected from fund management companies.

One single distribution agreement: we manage one single distribution agreement with each fund distributor, giving access to all our fund management company partners.