Trading and custody

Euroclear FundsPlace®

By simplifying funds settlement, order management and asset servicing procedure’s you can boost your back-office efficiency whilst reducing risk and cutting cost.

We give you the ability to:

  • tailor our solution to fit your requirements
  • use your existing technologies and connectivity to access an even greater range of counterparties
  • connect to an unrivalled network of high-quality counterparties across the global investment funds universe
  • leverage our funds trade and post-trade solutions spanning 35 domiciles across the globe
  • take advantage of our 900+ fund administrator links with just one connection



  • STP corporate action and dividends services (MT564/568 & MT566) offering fully automated information and booking flow

  • SWIFT capability for voluntary events giving you the opportunity to automate voting process, we are also integrated with Broadridge

  • Enhanced reporting providing detailed information on corporate action and dividend bookings


  • Focus on automated settlements to cover for market inefficiencies and to increase settlement timeliness

  • Transparent status reporting via the order/transfer lifecycle & integrated query functionalities

  • Transfer settlement details at ISIN level helping you to structure and complete transfer instructions

Wide fund universe

  • Mutual, money market, private market and alternatives extending your investment opportunities and market access

  • Open-architecture fund universe: we open the funds you need via our web portal request functionality

Web portal

  • Web Portal access for all activities and queries management giving you a real-time view on your FundSettle trading

  • Flexible access management (possibility to give limited access to third-parties) supporting your operational excellence and process efficiency

Flexible account structure

  • Flexible account structures matching your segregation needs depending on your business activity, reporting and regulatory requirements


Open architecture for all your funds universe: benefit from our complete STP suite by taking advantage of your existing trading interface or by connecting directly to us. You can also decide to share all the reporting automatically to third parties.

Lower settlement risk: your assets are duly segregated in the books of the transfer agent & we apply the highest control standards compliant to our FMI status.

Automate your asset servicing: enjoy state of the art asset servicing (corporate actions and dividends).