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Solutions driven by your needs

Whether your focus is on increasing return, enhanced risk management or liquidity generation, our securities lending and borrowing solutions can help you unlock the true potential of your portfolio while staying abreast of changing regulatory requirements.

An automated fail-curing solution

Euroclear’s risk-free automated securities lending and borrowing programme is highly flexible and secure. It targets borrowing demand to avoid settlement fails and counterparty claims. This gives you a risk-focused, confidential, secure and flexible solution.

An opportunity lending and borrowing programme

Euroclear UK and International’s proven and robust securities lending and borrowing programme delivers unprecedented settlement efficiency for our clients. It can be used to cover shorts, optimise settlement and fund collateral operations.

Basket-driven liquidity and revenue

For opportunity borrowers and lenders, our GC Access product allows you to lend or borrow baskets of HQLA in exchange for other collateral, from Euroclear Bank, at street levels.

Triparty Securities Lending

Outsource the collateral management aspect of your street lending activity to Euroclear’s flexible Triparty Securities Lending service and leave yourself free to focus on the opportunities in the market.

Securities lending and borrowing across the Euroclear group

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