Transforming the way you work with us

Fast and effective decision making requires you to have a clear overview of your activity with accurate, real-time data at your fingertips.

EasyWay – the new web-based interface between your business and Euroclear – offers you just that.

Its purpose is simple: to help you work more efficiently, perform tasks quicker and manage operational risks even better in real-time.

See how the intuitive dashboard design can ease your settlement, collateral management, and corporate actions activity.

EasyWay is...

Easy to use

EasyWay’s intuitive design helps you make decisions quicker and more easily.

  • Customisable dashboard shows you at-a-glance where your action is required. 
  • Dynamic data is automatically refreshed to give you a realtime overview of your activity.
  • Quick navigation with a minimum of clicks to all relevant information or to input instructions.

Easy to use

As a browser-based application, EasyWay requires minimal installation.

  • Upgrades are done automatically, without the need for manual intervention.
  • You define the type of access each user has and can set up team profiles.
  • Instructions input via EUCLID and SWIFT are also visible in EasyWay.

Key benefits

  • Dynamic dashboard – more control in your decision making with an at-a-glance overview of your activity and actions required
  • Intuitive navigation – quickly drill down to find more details
  • Highly secure – choose between soft certificate or smart card access
  • Real-time data – you always have a view of the current status of all your transactions and balances
  • Web-based – EasyWay is available via BT Radianz, Swift Browse or public internet
  • Available on the go – you can use EasyWay on your tablet or smartphone from wherever you are

A truly user-centric tool

To create a tool that works the way you do, we have worked in close collaboration with many of our clients on the concept and design of EasyWay.

End users have participated indefining the screens by helping to identify the priority of data and functionalities required, as well as how to navigate across the various sets in the most intuitive way.

Combining user-friendly design and state-of-the-art technology, EasyWay is a powerful tool for helping you reduce risk and increase operational productivity in your back-office.

Get started today!

You can now use EasyWay for your settlement, collateral management, corporate actions and income proceeds activity. For more information, register for a free demo or contact your Euroclear Relationship or Account Manager.