Bringing private funds into the digital era with Goji

Goji provides market-leading technology and services to increase investor access to private markets. Goji works with all market participants, from fund managers and administrators to distribution partners and private banks, to digitise the investor lifecycle and drive operational efficiencies.

Having onboarded over 30,000 investors from 86 investor jurisdictions worldwide, the partnership (subject to regulatory approvals) between Goji and Euroclear looks to transform private markets. 

“Our partnership with Goji supports our ambition to enter the private markets space.  We see a strong demand from the market for more scalable and digitalised solutions and given the opportunities, it makes perfect sense to add this capability to our portfolio of services. One year after the MFEX acquisition, this new investment fully supports our global funds strategy to be a leading platform across all fund asset classes” 

Lieve Mostrey, CEO of the Euroclear Group

Market background

Over the past decade, fund managers in private markets have been experiencing higher demand for their funds than ever before, as investors seek out strong returns and portfolio diversification. This demand is seen both from institutional and individual investors, with global alternatives Assets Under Management (AUM) forecasted to hit $23tn in 2026, according to Preqin’s 2022 Global Alternative Reports available on preqin.com. However, current operating models are ill-equipped to meet this demand.

Goji therefore looks to provide technology solutions to unite a fragmented market, and create an ecosystem for private markets where all participants benefit. 

While other asset classes have seen huge investment in technology and operations, private funds have historically been underserved and lacking a centralised drive to adopt new technologies.

Together, Euroclear and Goji look to innovate the industry by allowing distributors to access private funds in the same manner they currently access mutual funds and ETFs. By streamlining processes, connecting the private funds universe digitally, and unlocking revenue via market neutral technology, Euroclear will bring about the digital era of private markets. This digital era will be underpinned by secure and scalable solutions, trusted by the industry at large and vital to unlocking capital.

Value proposition

Our partnership with Goji facilitates increased access to private funds, for both institutional and individual investors.

  • Goji today offers technology to digitise and automate the end-to-end investor lifecycle, including onboarding, KYC / AML verification, the subscription process, through to reporting.
  • Goji’s nominee solution allows managers to aggregate investors and supports the disaggregation reporting process.
  • Goji’s technology allows fund managers to raise capital from a wider pool of investors, fund administrators to digitise processes and streamline efficiency; and distributors to offer their investors an improved client experience and access to a new range of funds.
  • Over the course of 2023, Goji and Euroclear look to augment the existing FundSettle platform to support end-to-end private funds processing, giving Euroclear’s distributor network access to a universe of private funds, with the same ease of access they currently have for mutual funds and ETFs.
  • The combined Euroclear and Goji offering will provide a single-entry point for distributors wanting access to a full range of funds, while connecting managers with investors and simplifying the capital raising process.

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