My invoice - FAQs

What information must appear on my invoice?

To ensure the correct handling and prompt payment of your invoices, please always include the following details on your invoice:

  • your VAT number
  • the invoice number
  • the invoice date
  • the Euroclear Purchase Order (PO) number
  • the correct billing address and corresponding VAT number of the Euroclear entity (mentioned in the PO)
  • a clear description of the goods and services delivered to the relevant Euroclear entity
  • the unit price, gross amount, VAT rate, VAT amount or tax exempt/reverse charges if applicable, and the Net amount in the correct currency
  • the bank account details to where the invoice should be paid
How can I obtain a Purchase Order (PO)?

We will always send a PO to you before any order or service is delivered. For us to do so, please ensure you have provided us with an email address where we can send our PO(s).

Please liaise with your contact person at Euroclear to make sure you have a correct PO number before sending your invoice(s) to us.

We need a PO number to process your invoice. It needs to be clearly mentioned on the first page of your invoice. Important: only one PO number is allowed per invoice.

What is self-billing?

‘Self-billing’ is an additional feature we offer for efficient invoice processing. It is primarily for consultancy firms/recruitment companies issuing invoices to us based on the time and attendance input by their contractor working in Euroclear.

Note: this feature is subject to an agreement between the consultancy firm/recruitment company and us.





How does it work?

  • The supplier should receive a PO before the contractor is due to start, and/or if the contractor’s contract is being extended.
  • The supplier is responsible for checking the accuracy of the PO and contacting us immediately if any corrections are required.
  • The supplier must ensure that their contractors enter their hours in their OTL timesheet on a weekly basis.
  • The supplier should inform the contractor that all hours worked for the month should be entered two days before the last business day of the month, at the latest. We will also inform the contractor of this requirement.
  • Timesheets need to be approved by the contractor’s manager in Euroclear before the last business day of the month to be included in that month’s invoice and payment.
  • The supplier receives a copy of the information recorded in the time sheet for review.

Any questions relating to self-billing should be addressed to :




Which billing address should I use?

For each order placed or service rendered, a PO needs to be created beforehand.

The billing address appears on the PO. To avoid your invoice being rejected and a subsequent delay in payment, please ensure that you use the billing address on the relevant PO.

Each invoice must contain only one PO number.

Where can I send my invoice?

All invoices must be sent in PDF format (1) via email to:

Note: sending via this option will allow us to process the payment of your invoice within the agreed payment terms, provided your invoice was compliant and received the necessary approval from us internally.

or, via post to :

Euroclear Finance Division
Accounts payable
1 Boulevard du Roi Albert II
1210 Brussels

Please only include one invoice per PDF. For any additional attachment related to the invoice, please enclose them in the same PDF as the invoice.

How can I cancel an invoice I sent by mistake?

If you have issued an invoice by mistake, you have two available options to correct it:

  1. If the invoice is not yet paid by us, you can send us a credit note to cancel it and then issue a new correct invoice to be paid.(1)
  2. If the invoice has already been paid by us, please send us a credit note and reimburse us the amount paid. Then if required, send us a new correct invoice to be paid.(2)

For any reimbursements, please see our list of bank account details

Note: over-payment(s) must not be used to offset any open invoice(s) at your side as this will result in reconciliation issues for us, with an impact in our budgeting.

1 Please note that you can send the invoice again with amended details, but only if your accounting system is able to keep the same invoice number as the previous one.

2 Important: if we do not receive a reimbursement from you, be aware that we do reserve the right to deduct the paid amount from your future invoice(s).

My bank account details have changed, how do I notify Euroclear?

Please inform our Finance Helpdesk as soon as possible via email to

Any delays in notifying us may result in a delay or incorrect payment of your invoice.

My company name has changed, how do I notify Euroclear?

Please let us know of any merger or company name change as soon as possible. It is very important that our records are up to date to allow us to process your future invoices accurately.

You can send any company name changes to our Finance helpdesk by email at

How to contact us?