Primary issuance

Euroclear Bank

Finding a quick and cost efficient way to launch and distribute your new issues to your target investors can be a challenge.

As the world’s leading place of issuance for Eurobonds – with over €9 trillion issuance outstanding – we give you access to a wide range of global investors.

We provide fast and efficient support across the entire issuance cycle - securities eligibility assessment, issuance, distribution and asset servicing. You can also choose the legal jurisdiction, instrument and currency (50+ settlement and 100+ denomination currencies) which best meets your needs and those of your investors.

Most importantly, the issuance process is free of charge, allowing you to achieve a cost-effective and predictable cash flow.

Eligible instruments

We accept a wide range of securities including:

  • bonds
  • certificates
  • depositary receipt
  • equity-linked notes
  • equities
  • Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • investment funds
  • medium term notes
  • money market instruments i.e. ECP, ECD and London CDs
  • warrants

Standardised and secure pre-issuance messaging

Our European Pre-Issuance Messaging service (EPIM) is an automated ISIN and common code request and allocation system that automates and improves the process of issuing designated European Money Market Instruments.

By connecting all parties using standardised and real-time messaging, EPIM improves the exchange of secure information by providing: 

  • increased data accuracy and quality
  • fewer errors, discrepancies and delays
  • reduced operational costs and risks

> More information: European Pre-Issuance Messaging Service (EPIM)

New Global Note and New Safekeeping Structure

Since its introduction in 2006, we have supported the issuance, processing and safekeeping of international bearer debt securities issued using a New Global Note (NGN) form.

The NGN structure and New Safekeeping Structure (NSS) are now mandatory to enable newly issued international debt securities to be recognised as eligible collateral for Eurosystem monetary policy and intra-day credit operations. The NGN structure co-exists with the Classical Global Note (CGN) structure, serviced by the Common Depositaries (Euroclear Bank and Clearstream Banking Luxembourg).

Further information

Eurobonds through Euroclear

Experience global market potential with Euroclear Eurobonds. Unlock diverse funding options and seamless transactions with our efficient network and deep liquidity. 

Euro Commercial Paper

Please note that this reporting has been discontinued. For more information on short-term European paper, please consult the website of the European Central bank.

ISMAG - championing best practices

Euroclear Bank is a leading member of the International Securities Market Advisory Group (ISMAG) - an industry-led initiative to help issuers achieve the most efficient issuance and distribution possible.

Securities Issuance Consortium

Discover the Securities Issuance Consortium, a market-wide initiative created to tackle operational and legal inefficiencies within the international bond markets.

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