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You expect smooth settlement of all your trades, however they are made - via stock exchange, Multi-lateral Trading Facility (MTF), or over-the-counter (OTC); bilaterally with your counterparty.

As a world leader in settlement automation, we can settle almost every domestic and international securities transaction, helping to drive down risk with:

  • Straight-Through Processing (STP) rates of up to, and above, 99% 
  • Delivery-Versus-Payment (DVP) on all securities settlement services

Our settlement services let you:

  • centralise your assets and access to liquidity
  • optimise the use of your assets
  • benefit from a full range of value-added services

Both Euroclear Bank, as an International Central Securities Depositary (ICSD), and the Euroclear Central Securities Depositories (CSDs) offer a very low-risk DVP settlement environment: cash moves from the buyer’s to the seller’s account at the same time as the transfer of securities, on settlement date.

  • Euroclear Bank settles against payment in money held on a Euroclear Bank cash account - commercial bank money
  • Euroclear CSDs offer settlement services against payment in money held with the relevant national central bank – central bank money

Every 6 days we settle transactions equivalent to the GDP of the European Union.

International settlement against payment in commercial bank money

As an ICSD, Euroclear Bank settles your transactions:

  • in international securities and the domestic securities of 48 markets
  • against payment in 51 settlement currencies, or free of payment 

You also get access to our value-added services designed to boost efficiency and avoid settlement fails with, for example, our automatic securities borrowing programme.


Domestic and international securities settlement against payment in central bank money

Our group connects six European CSDs, making us the largest group of CSDs, offering you the highest levels of safety and both domestic and international reach.

  • Euroclear Belgium, Euroclear France, Euroclear Nederland – or ESES - offer settlement services for T2S-securities. We also offer settlement services for transactions in a range of international and non-T2S securities, via Euroclear Bank.
  • Euroclear Finland - the Finnish CSD - will offer a T2S access as of September 2023. We provide settlement services for transactions in Finnish securities and operate a cross-border link with Euroclear Sweden for the transfer of multi-deposited securities.
  • Euroclear Sweden - the Swedish CSD - offers settlement services for transactions in Swedish securities. Our cross-border link with Euroclear Finland enables the transfer of multi-deposited securities.
  • Euroclear UK & International provides settlement and related services for UK and Irish securities via our CREST system, and for a range of international securities via our links to various ICSDs and CSDs.

Settlement across the Euroclear group

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