Euroclear UK & International

As a market participant, you expect your securities trades to be settled safely, efficiently and at low cost. That’s what we offer as the Central Securities Depository (CSD) for the UK markets.

We give you control of your transactions throughout the transaction life-cycle.

You get access to:

  • settlement against payment in pound sterling, euro and US dollar, or free of payment 
  • settlement of exchange-traded and Over-The-Counter (OTC) transactions
  • cross-border settlement - usually free of payment - via our links with International CSDs

Taskize - a unique service for banking operations staff to get work done faster - helping the financial services industry make work flow by enabling clients, colleagues and counterparties to address manual interventions efficiently, intelligently and securely.

The CREST system

Our CREST system removes risk from your activities and the market with:

  • high levels of efficiency
  • straight-Through Processing (STP) Delivery Versus Payment (DVP) settlement with simultaneous transfer of securities to the buyer and cash payment to the seller – CREST is a DVP Model 1 settlement system
  • settlement against payment in central bank money

Connecting the UK and international capital markets

  • Professionals - We connect issuers and their agents with capital market participants, including local and international brokers, banks, custodians and investment houses. All these parties hold a securities account in the CREST system ensuring efficient transaction settlement. 
  • Retail investors / private individuals – You can open an account in their name and have an indirect CREST connection via their retail bank or broker.

Benefit from our market proximity and expertise

CREST is designed specifically for the UK domestic markets, settling transactions in dematerialised or certificated securities:

  • securities held directly on CREST accounts are dematerialised
  • securities held outside CREST are represented by certificates issued by the issuer’s registrar

Maintain your competitive advantage

  • Collateral management via our Delivery By Value (DBV) service
  • Credit facilities to boost your activity and settlement efficiency via our commercial payment bank contacts

As the specialists in the UK financial markets, we can guide you through both local market practices and regulations.

How to become a client?

We offer several types of membership both for companies and private individuals.

Our tariff

Log on to MyEuroclear or go straight through as a guest to view our fees