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Stamp duty (reserve tax) collection

When you transfer chargeable securities, we calculate and collect UK Stamp Duty Reserve Tax (SDRT) on behalf of HM Revenue & Customs.

Managing the specifics of UK Stamp Duty brings a natural set of challenges.

We provide an efficient, automated solution for stamp duty collection and take care of requests for relief from SDRT.  


Withholding tax on international income payments

We help you to secure reduced rates of foreign withholding taxes with our relief at source service on income paid on US and Canadian securities.

  • US securities: as a US Qualified Intermediary (QI), we can offer reduced rates of withholding tax to clients who have lodged the appropriate documentation with us.
  • Canadian securities: our relief at source service lets you secure reduced rates of withholding tax on income payments.

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How to become a client

We offer several types of membership both for companies and private individuals. 

Our tariff

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