My payment - FAQs

My invoice respects your requirements and is overdue, when can I expect payment?

Please ensure that all invoice(s) are sent directly to our Accounts Payable team at

Your invoice should be processed within our 30 days/60 days payment terms cycle.(1)

Once the invoice has been validated, you will receive an automatic notification email, provided that you have supplied us with a valid remittance email address previously. 

  1. We will make the payment following our weekly payment process and our payment calendar.(2)
  2. Once the payment has been processed, a remittance advice containing details of the invoices included in the payment, will be emailed to you as a confirmation of payment (using the email address you provided).

1  Depending on the contract agreed with us.

2  Payments are done twice a week, except during the month-end accounting close period freeze (First day of the month - 3 Business Days until first day of the month + 3 Business Days).

My invoice is long overdue and I have not received a notification, what should I do?

You can email our Finance helpdesk to request a status of your invoice.(1)


1 Please make sure to check that you do not have any pending query from us, as we may have already contacted you regarding your invoice.

Will I be notified when my invoice is paid?

Yes, after paying your invoice, our system will send an email to the email address you have provided for remittance advices.

If you are not yet receiving our remittance advices, please email us at to confirm your preferred remittance email address. 

Why is my invoice not fully paid?

An invoice could be partially offset against a credit note that we have open in our books.

As a result the amount paid, could be below the expected invoiced amount.

The remittance advice that we send to you after processing your payment indicates the details of all invoice(s) and credit note(s) justifying the amount paid to your bank account.

I received a duplicate payment from Euroclear, how do I proceed with the refund?

Duplicate payments need to be reimbursed to the correct Euroclear bank account, based on which Euroclear entity the invoice was issued to and paid from. 

Please see our list of bank account details

If you are unsure which bank account details to use for the refund, please email our Finance helpdesk at


Can a payment made in error by Euroclear be used to deduct against open/future invoice(s)?

No. We need to ensure that each invoice is reflected under the correct Euroclear entity and PO.

If you receive a payment made in error, please:

  • do not deduct or offset the amount against any other open invoice(s) on your side. Doing so will impact our reconciliation process.
  • email our Finance helpdesk at


How to contact us?