Collateral management

Euroclear France

Unlocking the true potential of your portfolio in a robust, safe and proven environment

Euroclear France collateral management solutions allow market participants to mobilise liquidity in the right place at the right time.

As the French central securities depository we are an integral part of the Place financière de Paris with a unique view of the market that enables us to help our clients:

  • overcome operational and regulatory challenges
  • capitalise on the changing business landscape as opportunities arise

Why are we the partner of choice?

  • Run your own financing book from Euroclear Bank or a Euroclear CSD and settle in T2S
  • Keep all our existing partners with our settlement location agnostic collateral management systems
  • Over 30 years’ experience
  • Part of Euroclear’s Collateral Highway - the world’s first neutral and global open architecture infrastructure for collateral management 
  • Connected the world’s largest pools of collateral
  • Offer clients the highest levels of security

Our solutions

Euroclear France offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, including:

  • central bank re-financing via the Banque de France
  • interbank re-financing via triparty repo – ideal for your OTC margining needs
  • liquidity maximisation via €GCPlus - net your balance sheet and find regulatory capital efficiencies by centrally clearing ECB-eligible collateral baskets

How to become a client

Benefit from direct access to the efficient and secure ESES settlement platform.

Our tariff

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