Funds operational due diligence

Euroclear FundsPlace®

ODDS delivers a clear-cut report including opinion and scoring on asset managers’ operational capabilities, underlying the strength and weaknesses in a concise way, over 6 pillars:

  • Structure and team
  • Operational risk (trading process & services providers)
  • Financial strength
  • Risk management & compliance
  • Transparency
  • ESG

Why Euroclear

10-Year track record

Recognised excellence and integrity. Deep knowledge of the industry.

Unique proprietary model

Comprehensive questionnaire for an in-depth analysis.

100% Dedicated team

Experienced analysts. 100% dedicated to analysis and follow-up.

Clear-cut opinion & scoring

Single scoring for each of the 5 analysed pillars. One final score and a binary opinion.

Report + 2 years follow-up

Rigorous follow-up.

ESG focus

Dedicated ESG reports for an in-depth evaluation of ESG capabilities of asset managers.


Speed up your risk monitoring process: opinion at a glance.

Benefit from an external opinion: no conflict of interest nor bias in the reports and scoring provided.

ESG focus: ensure asset managers ESG capabilities are robusts.