Collateral management

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Liquidity constraints and regulatory demands are pushing liquidity, risk and balance sheet management to the forefront. The way firms manage their cash, collateral and margins is key to maintaining a competitive advantage.

Collateral management

Our Collateral Highway® is the world’s first neutral and global open architecture infrastructure for collateral management.
  • We optimise your access to liquidity. 
  • We connect you to one of the world’s largest pools of collateral and counterparts. 
  • We help you mobilise assets across borders and time-zones without compromising on security.

Securities financing

Balance sheet and regulatory pressures make it important to put your securities inventory to work through the interbank market, but also by using them to access liquidity from national Central Banks.

OTCD margining

A new global OTC derivatives trading framework requires solutions that give you full compliance on a scalable, cost-effective basis are key to remaining competitive in the new environment.

Our proven collateral management solutions and global network is experienced in helping banks to manage their derivative exposures across market segments.

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