About Boards and Management


Governance of the Euroclear group is divided between the Boards of Euroclear Holding and Euroclear SA/NV. There is a clearly defined division of roles and responsibilities between the two Boards.

Euroclear Holding focuses on shareholders matters, determination of the group's main strategic objectives and monitoring of the performance of the group as a whole. The Board of Euroclear SA/NV is in charge of the oversight of the subsidiaries' performance, operational matters, systems and controls management, risk and compliance management, strategic plan determination and provision of services to the group companies.

Within this framework, each operating entity has created a Board which sets its own strategic and operational objectives, which must be consistent with those set by the parent company.

Board Committees

In order for the Boards to fulfil their responsibilities efficiently, they have established committees with different expertise and powers


A management team has been established within Euroclear SA/NV and each of its operating entities in accordance with local applicable regulatory requirements.

Each management team has been entrusted with the management of the business of its respective entity within the strategy and policies set by its respective Board.