Private market funds

Euroclear FundsPlace

Through Euroclear FundsPlace®, asset managers benefit from a digitised end-to-end investment journey that makes distributing private funds more scalable, while distributors offer easy access to private funds and enhance their value proposition for a more profitable business.

“We see a strong demand from the market for more scalable and digitalised solutions and given the opportunities, it makes perfect sense to add this capability to our portfolio of services.” 

Lieve Mostrey, CEO of the Euroclear Group

Asset managers

A faster go-to-market for private market funds:

  • Connect with Euroclear's global network of distributors
  • Distribute private funds to a more diversified investor base
  • Unlock new growth potential through data & market intelligence
  • Digitise capital calls through Euroclear’s settlement infrastructure
  • Leverage global distribution agreements

Distributors and investors

Increase your value proposition to investors:

  • Streamline digital access to a universe of private market funds
  • Easily onboard clients from any jurisdiction and upload KYC/AML documentation
  • Leverage Euroclear distribution agreements including rebates management and collection
  • Manage the entire investment lifecycle, from initial commitment to capital calls and distribution
  • Obtain enhanced analytics on market flows and trends tailored to investors’ preferences

Value proposition

Increasing access to private funds, for both institutional and individual investors

Digitise and automate the end-to-end investor lifecycle, including onboarding, KYC / AML verification, the subscription process, through to reporting.

We provide a single-entry point for distributors wanting access to a full range of funds, while connecting managers with investors and simplifying the capital raising process.

  • Fund managers - raise capital from a wider pool of investors
  • Fund administrators - digitise processes and streamline efficiency
  • Fund distributors - offer your investors an improved client experience and access to a new range of funds