Euroclear Bank

Your clients and shareholders are ever more demanding. At the same time you need to find ways to manage your costs and risks better.

We are the leading securities issuance practitioners for financial and non-financial institutions, and the world’s leading place of issuance for Eurobonds.

Our extensive range of asset servicing solutions leverage our quality data and range of reporting to support your compliance with local laws and regulations.

Make sure you’re ready for the discontinuation of IBORs

What do we offer?

  • Income processing
  • Corporate actions
  • General meetings
  • Noteholder consents
  • Tax services

Secured instruments

Issuers of securitised instruments can access our safe and cost efficient securities lending and borrowing and collateral management services.

We protect all parties, especially the investor, in the event of a default. And, we make sure a cost effective collateral process is in place as portions of the issuance are sold to investors.

Our tariff

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