Euroclear Bank

How to become a client

Euroclear Bank serves over 1,500 clients located in more than 90 countries, including over 100 central banks and supranationals, and 90% of the world's 50 largest banks.

Becoming a client couldn't be simpler. Just follow our step-by-step guide.

We will appoint a Relationship Manager who will listen to your needs and guide you through the admission process.

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Admission criteria

Applications from financial and other institutions are reviewed by the Euroclear Bank Admission Committee taking into consideration the following:



Financial resources

Adequate financial resources to run your business on a going concern basis and meet your obligations towards us, the Euroclear System and its Participants

Operational and technological capacity

Adequate operational and technological capacity to ensure business continuity and avoid material adverse impact on the integrity of the Euroclear System

Legal capacity

Legal capacity and ability to accept and comply with the rules of the Euroclear System

Internal controls and risk management

Sound internal controls and risk management such as to preserve the integrity and reputation of the Euroclear System

Ethical standards

Ethical standards that are such as to protect the integrity and reputation of the Euroclear System