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Euroclear Bank serves over 1,500 clients located in more than 90 countries, including over 100 central banks and supranationals, and 90% of the world's 50 largest banks.


Euroclear Bank provides fair and open access to its services, taking into account potential risks to financial stability and continued operation of the financial markets.

It controls potential risks arising from its Participants by setting risk-related eligibility criteria for the provision of its services. It further monitors that its Participants meet these criteria on an ongoing basis.


The Euroclear Bank admission criteria are transparent, objective, and non-discriminatory. They are publicly disclosed in “The Operating Procedures of the Euroclear System” which is part of the Terms and Conditions and must be read along with the Supplementary Terms and Conditions. In cases of conflict, the Terms and Conditions and/or the Supplementary Terms and Conditions will prevail.

Admission criteria

Depending on regulatory status and/or place of permanent establishment, we will consider an applicant as a:

  • Standard Participant
  • Specific Regulated Participant
  • Specific participant 

This categorisation is derived by virtue of the Belgian legislation implementing the Settlement Finality Directive. Specific Regulated Participants and Specific Participants must comply with specific additional documentation requirements to mitigate potential additional risks resulting from their participation in the Euroclear System.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:



Assessment will be done by looking at...

Adequate financial resources

Adequate financial resources to run your business on a going concern basis and meet your obligations towards us, the Euroclear System and its Participants

Assessment will be done by looking at:

  • your operating environment ( country and industry risk)
  • your stand-alone financial capacity i.e. business and risk position, capital and liquidity
  • access to external support to increase your financial strength if not sufficient on a stand-alone basis

Operational and technological capacity

Adequate operational and technological capacity to ensure business continuity and avoid adverse material impact on the integrity of the Euroclear System

Assessment will be done by looking at:

  • expertise of staff
  • communication channels used
  • adequacy of your contingency plans and back up facilities
  • system security (i.e. Cyber, ..)

Legal capacity

Legal capacity and ability to accept and comply with the rules of the Euroclear System

Assessment will be done by looking at:

  • licences needed to carry out your business
  • applicability of the settlement Finality act

Internal control and risk management

Sound internal controls and risk management serving to preserve the integrity and reputation of the Euroclear System

Assessment will be done by looking at:

  • risk management framework and policies ( annual report, Pilar II disclosures,…)
  • absence of adverse media highlighting deficiencies

Ethical standards

Ethical standards that serve to protect the integrity and reputation of the Euroclear System

Assessment will be done by looking at:

  • country of establishment
  • business profile
  • Anti-Money Laundry policies, codes of conduct
  • sanctions

Admission process

After contacting us, applicants will be assigned a Relationship Manager who will provide an overview of the documents to be completed and returned.

Applicants must submit an admission file that demonstrates compliance with the admission criteria.

After having received the application file including the official and signed application letter, the relationship manager will closely follow-up and coordinate the admission process.

Once the application file is received, compliance will be assessed and the Euroclear Bank Management Committee will decide whether to accept or refuse the application.

The applicant will be notified in writing within one month following receipt of the properly completed admission file, required supporting documents and application letter.

Should an application be rejected, the reasons for the rejection will be included in the notification sent to the applicant.

The process to follow in order to appeal a rejection will be included in the notification received.

Third-party account holder services

Applicants looking to only use Euroclear Bank’s third-party account holder services can opt for the restricted admission process. Applicants opting for a restricted admission will be assessed according to the criteria above, taking into account their limited usage of Euroclear Bank’s services.

For more information please contact:

For Europe: Marta Lopez Moreno,

For the Americas: Bradley Koehler,

For the APAC region: Fennie Kwok,

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