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Overview of your providers

As trusted financial market infrastructure, we strengthen the world’s capital markets by providing leading and secure pre- and post-trade services. Through them, we deliver greater operational efficiency, reduce cost and risk, and help market participants to realise regulatory intent in the securities markets.

Our services

We provide settlement, safekeeping, asset servicing and collateral solutions for domestic and international securities, from fixed income and equities to derivatives and investment funds.

Our clients in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas use us to:

  • access local and global markets securely and efficiently
  • connect to deep liquidity pools
  • link to relevant counterparts e.g. local issuers to international investors.

How do we make a difference?

Global market efficiency and development

We help local markets improve their capital inflows and encourage international investment in their economies.
We work with local governments to harmonise market practices and deploy robust local infrastructure to facilitate access for international investors.
In turn, we pave the way for international banks and global investors to seek diversification and yield in local markets.

Recent initiatives:

  • International ETFs – together with the world’s leading ETF issuers, we are creating market efficiency, growing distribution networks and facilitating market liquidity.

Cost management in a fragmented marketplace

Growth is becoming more challenging. Margins are constrained.

We aim to eliminate critical inefficiencies and reduce costs and risks at all levels, combining new technologies and business models with existing approaches to address these concerns.

Recent initiatives:

  • Taskize – a task management utility for financial operations teams to work together.

Accessing liquidity and yield opportunities

Regulation and compressed margins all demand more efficient use of a firm's balance sheets.

Whether you are looking to improve how you…

  • use assets in new ways to generate yield
  • reduce your borrowing costs and lower credit consumption
  • forecast your liquidity needs
  • access the right counterparties
  • mobilise your collateral

We can help you.

Recent initiatives:

  • OTC Derivatives – proven margin and collateral management solutions for the changing derivatives landscape.
  • EasyWay – take control of your business with the ability to manage your securities activity using our most intuitive web-based interface yet. 
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