ETFs - Transfer Agents

Euroclear group

The benefits of Euroclear’s ICSD model for transfer agents

Perform primary market activity flawlessly on the books of Euroclear.

  • Seamless primary market activity: All relevant authorised participants are connected to Euroclear Bank, which ensures flawless settlement of primary market transactions from seeding to creations (mark-ups) to redemptions (mark-downs).​
  • Well established ICSD infrastructure, including common depositories: You benefit from Euroclear Bank’s robust infrastructure and long experience in international instruments such as Eurobonds, CPs, and I-ETFs. ​
  • Multi-currency settlement: Euroclear’s ICSD model gives you access to settlement in all our eligible currencies​
  • Long settlement window: Euroclear’s settlement window is open throughout Asian, European and US trading hours.