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The benefits of Euroclear’s ICSD model for market makers, authorised participants and prime brokers

Trade in multiple venues and time zones and settle easily in Euroclear Bank - manage your inventory efficiently in Euroclear Bank.

Whether you're a market maker, an authorised participant or a prime broker, there are a number of key benefits to having a single settlement location in Euroclear Bank.

  • Centralisation of the liquidity: With less fragmentation, the ICSD-model decreases the number of complex realignments between CSDs when trading between different stock exchanges. The model also reduces costs and simplifies inventory management. As a consequence, the risk of settlement failure is dramatically brought down and the number of costly buy-ins to cover settlement fails and related CSDR penalties dropped. This results in more competitive spreads.​
  • Primary market transactions: Since the Transfer Agents have an account in Euroclear, the settlement of the primary market transactions takes place smoothly.​
  • Multi-currency settlement: Euroclear’s ICSD model gives you access to settlement in all our eligible currencies​.
  • Long settlement window: Euroclear’s settlement window is open throughout Asian, European and US trading hours. ​
  • One single ISIN per ETF: Regardless of market, trading venue or currency, your ETF will be identified by one single ISIN.
  • Efficient inventory management: The intermediaries will have one inventory management account in Euroclear Bank in place of having one in all related CSDs.