How to join the triparty community

Three steps towards accessing the most comprehensive service offering

Follow our our standard admission procedures to become a Euroclear Bank client with full access to our comprehensive range of services.

1. Become a Euroclear Bank client

4 - 6 weeks

In order to become a direct client of Euroclear Bank, you will first need to meet our admission criteria relating to:

  • financial resources
  • operation and technological capacity
  • legal capacity
  • internal control and risk management
  • ethical standards

2. Get ready to start in triparty

8 weeks

Euroclear Bank offers a broad spectrum of products and services, so once your admission is approved, you will also need to go ahead and complete the necessary triparty documentation in order to open your first triparty account.

Once your accounts are open, we suggest you get started by building up some high level knowledge of the Euroclear system and of our Triparty service in general.

To support you in this process, we offer three, digital, stand-alone training modules that will help bring you up to speed on how our Triparty Collateral Management environment operates.

  • Understand how to operate a direct account in Euroclear Bank
  • Understand the life cycle of a UMR transaction
  • Manage the UMR on-boarding steps: documentation to complete and submit

Through these three specially designed modules, you will acquire information on the background, functionality, technical specification, legal framework, operational setup and process flows of our Triparty Collateral Management service.

3. Join your peers in the triparty community

12 - 15 weeks

After successfully becoming a Euroclear Bank client and opening your first triparty account, the next step is for you to join our community and start setting up your first counterparty pairs.

Register to MyEuroclear to access:


You will need to submit certain documents to support your request to become a client with acess to all our services.

Looking for pledgee services only?

We also offer a shorter, easier admission process for those of you wishing to benefit from our Collateral Highway as pledgee only (i.e. activity restricted to receiving RegIM) or as a pledgee representative.

Find out more about UMR phase 5


UMR phase 5 workshop

Follow the recording of this workshop on getting ready to comply with Uncleared Margining Rules regulation, phase 5.

Listen to the webinar here

Preparing for waves 4 and 5 of UMR

The intended gradual implementation of UMR did not quite go to plan. With less than two years to go, phases 4 & 5 are disproportionately high, particularly for the buy-side, say industry experts.

So how can the industry prepare to stay the course?


Olivier de Schaetzen

Head of Product Solutions - Collateral Management

Gösta Feige

Director, Product Solutions - Collateral Management

Simon Mees

Product Solutions - Collateral Management