Triparty admission documentation

A faster, easier alternative to our standard admission for the specific UMR services you need

Our standard admission process, while providing clients with open access to all our services, caries with it an extensive list of requirements and documentation.

For those of you looking to benefit from our Collateral Highway as pledgee only (i.e. activity restricted to receiving RegIM) - we offer a quicker, simpler admission process - providing access only to the specific services you require for your pledgee activity.

As such, the number of documents you are required to submit to support your admission is significantly less than that required by those wishing to access all our services.

Use the below checklists to prepare your admission request.

We will also request a formal application letter after checking we've recieved all the necessary documentation.

Admission documentation checklist


  • Copy of your banking or business license
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Last two annual reports and of its direct and ultimate parent (if any)
  • Risk Management & Internal controls documentation (if not included in the Annual Report)
  • Statutory document (Articles of association / Memorandum / Company Bylaws [statuten/statuts])
  • Representations and Warranties (if relevant)
  • Swift CSP (if any)
  • Account opening form
  • List of Authorised Signatures

Compliance specific

  • Euroclear Bank (RG100RES) Financial crime questionnaire duly completed and signed
  • Official list of the members of the board of directors or equivalent corporate body of your institution (minutes of shareholders’ meeting, annual accounts, annual report, official publications, appointment letters, board r esolutions, etc.)
  • Documentary evidence sufficient to establish the shareholding structure of your institution (organization group structure chart, share register)
  • Recto verso copy of the ID-card or passport of the CEO (or equivalent function) of engaging your institution vis- a-vis Euroclear (e.g. Head of Treasury, Head of Post-Trade, Head of securities Department)
  • Trade registry

How to access the full range of triparty services

Our standard admission procedure provides you with open access to our full, comprehensive range of services - allowing you to take full advantage of our Collateral Highway.

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Olivier de Schaetzen

Head of Product Solutions - Collateral Management

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Director, Product Solutions - Collateral Management

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Product Solutions - Collateral Management