Predictive settlement matching prioritisation tool powered by AI

Statistics show that nearly 50% of settlement fails are due to a delay in the correction of erroneous instructions.  

EasyFocus, our predictive settlement matching tool enabled by AI, helps you identify unmatched pending instructions and allegements that require your most urgent attention. By effectively prioritising your investigation efforts, you can reduce critical settlement fails, improve settlement efficiency and minimise CSDR settlement fails penalty. 

“It’s the first time we see real AI for post trade settlement: sophisticated, serious and valuable to help clients preventing fails and a concrete solution to CSDR Settlement Discipline." 

Adrien Lanoy
Global Head of Securities Operations, BNPP

“Awareness, identification and promptness EasyFocus provides will help us concentrate our efforts on real risk and identify trends with our counterparties.”   

Mark Nash
Director, Cross Product Services, Operations, Mizuho International plc

Reduce settlement fails, pre-empt CSDR penalties

Artificial intelligence

By leveraging AI, EasyFocus provides predictive insights into unmatched internal and bridge settlement instructions that carry the highest risk in terms of matching probability and CSDR penalty impact. You can therefore easily identify the most critical instructions that require corrective actions.

Operational efficiency

Save time and resources by using our plug-and-play solution to identify your unmatched instructions that matter the most.

EasyFocus, available via EasyWay, provides you with objective criteria that can be integrated into your own investigation process.  

FMI insights

Benefiting from Euroclear’s wealth of settlement data in its role as a Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI), EasyFocus generates relevant and accurate insights by taking into account over 50 features per instruction, capturing the matching behaviour of your counterparty and the market behaviour around the security.

Anticipate intelligently

  • EasyFocus report contains all your pending internal and bridge unmatched instructions and their likeliness to fail if no action is taken.
  • For each instruction, the report provides:
    • 15 key instruction parameters: including ISIN, nominal, currency, settlement date, trade date
    • 4 EasyFocus specific parameters: matching score, matching quantile, CSDR penalty size and CSDR penalty range
  • Flexible combination of criteria: select and filter on the parameters to obtain the most relevant results for your investigation needs.
  • The report is produced with the latest data twice daily. 

Easy and flexible access

  • Simply activate your subscription via EasyWay Reporting self-service menu
  • Available in CSV format, via your EasyWay Reporting Mailbox
  • Also accessible via Managed File Transfer (MFT), enabling machine-to-machine integration upon user configuration
  • Full subscription flexibility on account/business unit/EPN level

“Having EasyFocus reports integrated into EasyWay Reporting makes it very easy to activate the service and access those data.”

Marie-Pierre Quantin
Head of Bonds Settlements, Controls & Investigation, BNPP

For more information about EasyFocus including data samples and demo video, please visit the EasyFocus page on MyEuroclear

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EasyFocus reports are for information purpose only. Clients using EasyFocus reports are to draw their own conclusions per the information received. Euroclear Bank does not provide clients with advice on actions to take in this respect.