Settlement penalties - appeal process

The appeal process allows you as a Euroclear Bank client or ESES client to declare disagreement with a CSDR Settlement Discipline Regime-related penalty on settlement fails reported by Euroclear Bank or ESES.

You can use Taskize to appeal a penalty:

  • If you are already on Taskize, you will simply need to create a bubble in Taskize using the penalty appeal workflow. This will allow our teams to efficiently process your appeals prior to the deadline. 
  • If you are not yet on Taskize, sign up now to access Taskize free of charge as part of the Euroclear sponsored network. 

The average on-boarding time is less than seven days. Until you are up and running on Taskize, you can submit your penalty appeals using a webform as a temporary solution until 1 August 2022.

Use your MyEuroclear credentials to access further information on the appeal process including the grounds for appeal, how to send us your appeal and the relevant deadlines to submit your appeal: