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Are you looking for a powerful tool to help you identify your shareholders more effectively? Look no further than Euroclear InvestorInsight® – the innovative solution that provides issuers with actionable insights about the structure of their shareholding and intermediaries with a simple, easy-to-use mechanism to fully comply with their SRD II obligations.

Shareholder identification and analysis

Shareholder identification and analysis are two important processes that help businesses keep track of their shareholders and analyse their behaviour to make informed decisions. Shareholder identification is the process of identifying the ultimate beneficial owners of a company’s shares. In contrast, shareholder analysis involves consolidating data to provide a dynamic view of the shareholder base and analysing institutional trends to gain insights into investors’ motivations, preferences and attitudes.

Gain valuable insights with InvestorInsight

With InvestorInsight, beyond the comprehensive, detailed list of your shareholders, you can gain valuable insights into the structure of your shareholding, including information about the types of shareholders and their geographical location. This information can be used to tailor communications and engagement strategies to the specific needs and preferences of different shareholder groups, ultimately helping you to build stronger relationships with your investors and drive better business outcomes.

Compliance made easy with InvestorInsight

In addition, InvestorInsight provides a simple, user-friendly interface that makes it easy for intermediaries to comply with their SRD II obligations. This helps to ensure that businesses remain compliant with regulatory requirements and avoid costly penalties and other legal issues.

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“We have been able to have a more precise view of our shareholders since SRD II via InvestorInsight. InvestorInsight is a valuable tool for us as it provides streamlined reporting, giving us informed insight to help us make strategic business decisions.”

Cecilia Marx, Investor Relations Manager

Air Liquide

“The proactive support we received from the InvestorInsight team in reconciling intermediaries’ responses under strict time constraints was an additional benefit to the service provided by Euroclear.”

Jérémie Créange-Salvadori, Head of Corporate Operations and Transversal Projects
Air Liquide

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