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At Euroclear, we are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of the global capital markets for our clients. Eurobonds are not just financial instruments – but are capital market bridges to a world brimming with opportunities. Experience unparalleled access to a diverse funding base that knows no boundaries.

What are Eurobonds?

Eurobonds are a key funding vehicle in the global capital markets. As debt instruments, they allow issuers to raise capital in 100 currencies. Their distinct advantage lies in a broad spectrum of funding options (asset classes) and unparalleled access to a global investor base.

With Eurobonds, you gain a versatile and globally accessible financial tool backed by an efficient network and deep liquidity for seamless transactions.

Key benefits for stakeholders

Issuers: Enjoy low borrowing costs with multi-currency options, flexibility in the governing law of the bonds, lending revenues and a broad investor appeal.

Primary markets: Tap into truly global, international demand, efficient collateral management and a deep liquidity pool.

Distinctive characteristics

Outstanding amount: Over €13.2 trillion.

Global reach: More than 12,000 entities issue Eurobonds, covering over 130 jurisdictions of incorporation and 85 governing laws.

Efficiency: A robust framework with multi-currency options, a wide range of instruments available to meet your funding needs and flexible support across many governing laws.

Why choose Eurobonds?

Eurobonds offer unmatched legal and currency flexibility, free from domestic market restrictions. They are a compelling global borrowing vehicle, adaptable to investor needs and interest rate trends. With harmonised standards, Eurobonds drive efficiency and reduce risk.

Euroclear and Clearstream, as International Central Securities Depositories, are justifiably considered ‘the true home for Eurobonds’. They play a crucial role in the settlement of Eurobonds, ensuring smooth and secure transactions. Their extensive networks and advanced technologies contribute to the attractiveness and reliability of Eurobonds as an investment option.


Eurobonds offer more flexibility for issuers, their agents and targeted investors as they are not bound by domestic market restrictions.

Global borrowing vehicle

Eurobonds are a compelling financing option based on currency needs and interest rate trends across global jurisdictions.


Eurobonds offer access to a large pool of liquidity as a crucial source of collateral for our clients, thanks to our economies of scale and global investor base.

Global reach

Eurobonds transcend borders, allowing issuers to access capital worldwide.

The Euroclear advantage

As a trusted Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI) service provider, Euroclear stands at the forefront of market innovation. Our robust risk management structure and strong capital position have earned us high ratings from global agencies, ensuring the security of your assets.

What Euroclear specialises in

  • Settling securities transactions - Efficiently settle international cross-border trades.
  • Safekeeping - Protect your investments – whether bonds, equities, derivatives or investment funds.
  • Management of the complete end-to-end asset servicing of all assets - With over 50 years of experience in this domain, we are the experts to ensure that the full end-to-end process (from transaction inception through redemption) is managed – across the significant scope of asset classes we service.

Partnering with Euroclear

Choose Euroclear for a comprehensive Eurobond experience. Gain access to a vast range of instruments and a global investor base. Our expert support and cost-effective solutions make partnering with us seamless and straightforward.

Unlock the full potential of your financial strategies with Eurobonds through Euroclear.

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