Reference Data

Reference data is responsible for a large proportion of data used in financial transactions each day, making it vital that financial organisations have the most accurate and up-to-date information available to them.

Euroclear Reference Data is high-quality and timely reference data sourced from Euroclear group FMIs. Whether it is used for settlement, valuations, corporate actions processing, risk management or regulatory reporting, it can help you overcome data challenges across your enterprise by feeding data to applications from front-, middle- to back-office applications. This is the same data that we use in our core businesses and what you can also use to ensure consistency and accuracy of data across your firm. 

Uniquely positioned to meet your data needs

As a trusted global provider of post-trade services, we provide:

  • highly reliable Reference Data
  • timely and accurate corporate actions information
  • real-time feed of high quality new issues information

The same data is used in our core custody and settlement business.

The Euroclear group is made up of Euroclear Bank, Euroclear Belgium, Euroclear France, Euroclear Nederland, Euroclear Finland, Euroclear Sweden and Euroclear UK & International.

What reference data does Euroclear offer?

New issues alert

Be ready on issuance date

  • Early notification of upcoming new issues with relevant data points 
  • Allowing automated setup of new securities ahead of the issuance date: readiness to settle on day one
  • Near real-time feed
  • Qualitative data from each relevant CSD: Eurobonds, Belgian, Dutch, French, Irish and UK securities

Securities Reference Data

Ensure key data points in your securities reference databases are accurate

Subscribe to either the Primary or Extended data set to access different market coverage and depth of information. 
They are the same operational information that is used to service €35.6 trillion for +2000 financial institutions.
  • Primary data set: a daily feed of all securities eligible in a given CSD for settlement and custody
    • Key attributes to identify securities, their holding structure and authorized settlement operations
    • Containing securities eligible in Euroclear Bank, ESES or Euroclear UK & International

  • Extended data set: a more granular data set on securities with Euroclear as issuer CSD
    • Comprehensive reference data extracted from legal documentations to effectively service the security
    • Currently available for Eurobonds, French, Dutch and Belgian domestic securities

Corporate actions notifications

Stay up to date on important corporate events on Eurobonds

  • Fast intra-day corporate actions notifications on all outstanding Eurobonds, Belgian, Dutch, French, Irish and UK securities
  • Covering a whole suite of event types, including scheduled/unexpected and mandatory/voluntary events
  • Complete and accurate information on key reference attributes from the primary source
  • Delivered via MFT (.txt file) in Swift ISO 15022 format, allowing you to automate the capture of corporate actions

Triparty Reference Data

Review and cross reference all eligible securities in Triparty

  • Comprehensive coverage of collateral eligibility criteria with over 90 data points 
  • The same operational information used to allocate €1.6 trillion for our Triparty clients, daily
  • For Euroclear Triparty clients, delivered via MFT in xml

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