Euroclear Bank

How to become a client - for non-financial services

Clients of non-financial services are required to meet a set of acceptance criteria.

Non-financial services are services:

  • for the purposes of which Euroclear does not hold securities or cash on behalf of the clients of such services and hence does not open securities or cash accounts in the name of such clients; and
  • which do not imply the entering into any financial transactions between Euroclear and the clients or for which transactions Euroclear acts as intermediary.

Applicants must meet the following criteria.

Euroclear Bank Participants who wish to sign up to a non-financial service can do so under their Participant status; no additional assessment is required.



Assessment will be done by looking at...

Adequate financial resources

Adequate financial resources to fulfil your obligations towards Euroclear

Assessment will be done by looking at:

  • your stand-alone financial capacity i.e. capital
  • access to external support to increase your financial strength if not sufficient on a stand-alone basis

Legal capacity

Legal capacity and ability to contract with Euroclear

Assessment will be done by looking at:

  • contractual documentation

Ethical standards

Ethical standards that serve to protect the integrity and reputation of Euroclear

Assessment will be done by looking at:

  • country of establishment
  • business profile
  • Anti-Money Laundering policies, codes of conduct
  • sanctions
  • absence of adverse media highlighting deficiencies