Eurobond Security Reference Data

Your trusted source for truly dependable data

This drive for reliable information means firms often use multiple sources to build a database they trust.

From trading to post-trade settlement, identifying a security and ensuring you have reliable and detailed terms and conditions are prerequisites before you make the financial instrument available in your business units and start servicing your customers.

Eurobond Security Reference Data - what is it?

It is your trusted source for truly dependable data on Eurobonds – a key strategic business within the Euroclear group.

Our data feed includes 120 securities reference data fields. The file, formatted in line with the industry standard, is sent to you daily.

Key advantages

Truly reliable data

The data is sourced from Euroclear Bank, the leading Central Securities Depositories for Eurobonds, which collects and verifies the terms and conditions for each Eurobond it services in its system. This is the same information we use to operate our core settlement and custody business.

Full coverage

The ESRD feed covers all issued Eurobonds across all asset classes and issuers.

Accurate and precise information

Up-to-date information sent daily.

Best-of-class operational support

Our New Issues Operations team will provide you with the support you need.

Operational efficiency

You can automate set-up of new assets in your own systems by integrating our data feed into your own master database.

Do you have the right set of data?

Here are a few questions to consider:

  • Do mission critical systems across my organisation have access to comprehensive and reliable reference data?
  • Do I have access to reference data on all securities of interest?
  • Can consistent data source be used across systems to reduce operating risks?
  • What is the process of a new security set up in my organisation? 

How it works

The Eurobond Security Reference Data covers all issued Eurobonds, across diverse asset classes, including:

  • BILL
  • BOND
  • Money-Market Instruments (Commercial Papers, Certificate of Deposits)
  • Convertible Debt
  • Note
  • Medium Term Note
  • Debt with warrant
  • Hybrid warrant

Extensive reference data fields

The 120 securities reference data fields have been crossed-checked directly from the governing documentation and reconciled with the issuer agents.

The data includes among others: legal form, entitlement frequency, accrued interest calculation rules, reference based index identification, index fixing date day count and the issued amount.

Timing and frequency

A file is sent daily at the end of each business day around 9:15 PM (CET).

Delivery and format

The ESRD is an XML file available in a push mode via Secure File Transfer Protocol.

For more information

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Who are we

Euroclear is a leading market infrastructure.

As the preeminent post-trade provider for the international securities business, we provide highly reliable reference data, timely and accurate corporate actions information and meaningful data intelligence on market liquidity. The same data is used in our core Custody and Settlement business.

Our broad view of the market enables our customers to make informed and proprietary decisions based on high-grade, detailed and timely post-trade information, drawing on a large pool of data to achieve outcomes that no one firm could achieve alone.

The Euroclear group is made up of Euroclear Bank, Euroclear Belgium, Euroclear France, Euroclear Nederland, Euroclear Finland, Euroclear Sweden and Euroclear UK & International.