Triparty Reference Data

Review and cross reference all eligible securities in Triparty

Mobilising your assets in today’s increasingly complex business environment is becoming more and more of challenge.

To optimise your inventory for financing purposes, improve your settlement efficiency, cut down on your operation workload or simply reduce your costs, your assets have to get to the right place at the right time. Our Triparty Reference Data can help you achieve this.

Triparty Reference Data - what is it?

Our Triparty Reference Data product gives you access to the universe of securities eligible in Euroclear Bank’s Triparty service. 

The daily feed ensures that you have the same collateral eligibility criteria as used by Euroclear Bank.

Key advantages

Truly reliable data

The same data is used by Euroclear Bank to allocate €1.6 trillion of collateral for its clients


Align your security collateral eligibility criteria to the data used in Euroclear Bank’s Triparty Service

Full coverage

Get a daily view on all the securities eligible for collateral operations in Euroclear Bank

Dedicated operational support

Our Collateral Operational team is there to support you when needed


Directly set up the Triparty Reference Data in your security database

Do you have the right set of data?

Here are a few questions to consider:

  • What are the security collateral eligibility criteria ?
  • How can I make sure I allocate the right security at the right place?
  • Do I know what securities I can use for collateral in Euroclear Bank?
  • How can I reduce settlement fails on securities used for collateral purpose?

How it works

The feed contains up to 140 key securities reference data relevant for collateral eligibility assessment. It includes all the securities that are potentially eligible for triparty collateral operations in Euroclear Bank.

Timing and frequency

The daily feed is available from the start of the operational day (around 03:00 AM CET). 

Delivery and format

The Triparty Reference Data feed is an XML file available via MFT. 

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