Euroclear LiquidityDrive

The challenge of fixed income liquidity information

Bond inventories, in particular for illiquid bonds, have sharply decreased due to heightened capital requirements. Whilst MiFID II increases transparency requirements, MiFID data has not yet delivered material improvements in transparency nor the ultimate goal of fostering liquidity. 

As a result, assessing actual asset liquidity remains elusive, particularly for the less liquid part of the market, where information scarcity compounds the overall fragmentation of available information. 

This lack of reliable liquidity information impacts all business levels from trading, portfolio/asset allocation and compliance, through to the risk management/modelling level. 

Overcoming the challenge with Euroclear LiquidityDrive

Our dedicated liquidity information service provides you with high-grade and detailed settlement liquidity data on fixed income instruments. 

How you can benefit from Euroclear LiquidityDrive® to: 

Enhance your trading models

Build informed market strategies

Strengthen investment and research intelligence

Support your post-trade analysis and reporting

Why is post-trade data relevant?

As one of the largest FMIs in the world, we process vast amounts of post-trade data. 

This data can inform your pre-trade decisions and enrich your post-trade analyses by providing you with detailed and unique liquidity information. 

Our post-trade data:

  • provides you with relevant insights into the liquidity of liquid and less liquid fixed income securities
  • helps you enhance your fixed income trading and execution strategies based on supply and demand - taking into account liquidity considerations
  • complements your traditional sources of fixed income data
  • is based on actual executed trades
  • helps provide a view on concentration and holdings available for trading
  • aggregates the activity of a single security across the entire fixed-income trading flow 

Key features of Euroclear LiquidityDrive

To help you make informed trading decisions, LiquidityDrive gives you access to:

  • liquidity indicators reflecting activity and holdings across the Euroclear system
  • data that is platform and venue agnostic
  • information at individual ISIN level
  • broad instrument coverage: 615,000 fixed income ISINs
  • transactions settled over the previous business day and due to settle over the next two days
  • historical information as from 1st of September 2018
  • comprehensive and reliable data obtained directly from our core settlement activity
  • targeted search criteria allowing you to obtain information about market segments
  • a view on the most liquid peer instruments – giving insight into possible substitute investments
  • details down to anonymised individual settlement transaction level 
  • a RESTful API for quick and seamless integration into your environment

Is LiquidityDrive the right solution for my data needs?

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

  • What is happening on the market?
  • Am I missing any short term trading signals?
  • How does my activity compare to the rest of the market?
  • How detailed is my post-trade execution reporting?
  • How liquid are individual assets within my portfolio?
  • How can I achieve a more accurate valuation of my less liquid assets?
  • How can I refine the evaluation of my risk profile?

If the answer is yes,
then LiquidityDrive
is just what you need

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