Euroclear SA/NV

Management Committee

The Management Committee is responsible for managing the Euroclear group. It is chaired by the group CEO.

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Valérie Urbain
Chief Executive Officer

Valérie Urbain is Chief Executive Officer and chair of the Management Committee of Euroclear SA/NV.

Bernard Frenay
Chief Administration Office

Bernard Frenay is Chief Administration Office of the Euroclear group. He also has oversight of Financial & Procurement.

Paul Hurd
Chief Risk Officer

Paul Hurd is Chief Risk Officer (CRO) for the Euroclear group. He also has oversight of Risk.

Michal Paprocki
Chief Information Officer

Michal Paprocki is Chief Information Officer of the Euroclear Group. He also has overall responsibility for Information Technology.

Board and Board Committees


Terms of reference

For ESA Board and Board Committees Terms Of Reference, please consult the ESA Governance Charter.

Reportable functions

For the ESA List of Reportable Functions, please consult the Euroclear SA/NV Stand-Alone Financial Statements