CREST transformation

At Euroclear UK & International, the trusted Central Securities Depository of the UK, we have embarked on a multi-year transformation programme to transition onto a new modular technology platform.

The vision for the transformed CREST, our settlement system, is for it to be the benchmark of stability for the UK financial markets as well as to drive ecosystem efficiency with value-added services to our diverse customer base.

This vision has six objectives:

  1. Increase the operational and financial resilience of Euroclear UK & International and the CREST system
  2. Increase the client value provided by the CREST system
  3. Enhance the business agility of Euroclear UK & International to support the UK financial markets
  4. Improve the operational efficiency of Euroclear UK & International and also that of our clients
  5. Realise synergies with Euroclear group
  6. Remove the technology debt that has accrued in the current CREST system

The transformation programme consists of a number of workstreams that will deliver against these objectives. These workstreams will be delivered across the timeline of the programme.

The programme is structured such that, on a rolling basis, the deliverables for the next two years are set. During this period, there will be market engagement and dialogue on the future deliverables expected during year three to five.

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