Driving innovation

Each year, our hackathon brings together people in a collaborative environment to solve challenges. It creates a safe space where we can test not only technology, program languages but also possibilities and methodologies.  

This makes it possible to stimulate an innovative mindset that can provide an unexpected step forward.  

For the 2023 edition of Euroclear Hackathon, we have come up with four new challenges, each highly relevant to the Euroclear long-term vision and strategy. 

4 challenges

  • Our clients: how might we accelerate the implementation of the Corporate Strategy to better address client needs?  
  • Our people: how might we accelerate and improve the onboarding experience for those starting a new role at Euroclear? 
  • IT and environment: How might we measure, visualise and understand the environmental impact of our IT solutions, to support the decision-making processes?
  • Hack4good: how might we help individuals, the business and communities deal with direct or indirect impacts of the global climate emergency?  

The winners

The 2023 Euroclear Hackathon winners were crowned on 25 May in Krakow, Poland.

25 May also marked the official opening of our Euroclear SA Poland branch. Hosting the 2023 Hackathon in Poland demonstrates our commitment to collaborating and delivering on our innovative culture across locations.


Wonderwall, who competed in the 'Business Challenge' were awarded with the first  Jo Van De Velde Award, in honour of the late Jo Van de Velde. 

Wonderwall strives to offer a new and digital way to collect and manage client needs even more efficiently, with the ultimate goal of increasing client satisfaction.

Bridge to the Future

Bridge to the Future triumphed in the 'Hack4Good' category.

This initiative aims to make carbon offsets Euroclearable. As the team puts it, 'This is about aligning the market with our planet!'


An additional idea, proposed by team Pathfinders, received recognition from our Chief People Officer Daniel Miseur. 

The project is to help people coming back from a long-term absence to re-onboard.

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