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Your dedicated shareholder identification service

A new era in corporate governance

Euroclear InvestorInsight® is a new, unique service that is now live.

As an issuer, it can help you improve overall corporate governance. It allows you to easily identify your shareholders - creating new opportunities to reach out and engage with your investor base and the intermediaries they use.

Euroclear InvestorInsight builds on Euroclear's 25+ years of experience in shareholder identification on the French market - expanding our offering across the European Union while extending the range and boosting the quality of data available to you.

Unprecedented access to new insight into investor behaviour and expectations will allow you to pro-actively manage your shareholder engagement and enable you to simplify and improve the organisation of your general meetings.

“The launch of InvestorInsight represents an important milestone in fostering direct communication between issuers and their shareholders while bringing increased efficiencies to the market”

Isabelle Delorme, Head of Strategy and Product Expansion for Issuers, Fund Managers and Sustainable Finance

Connect with your investors and keep track of their evolution with confidence and efficiency!

Giving you the insight you’ve always wanted

During the pilot phase, InvestorInsight successfully identified 300,000 shareholders from over 130 countries – representing 95% of the total shareholder base.

Take advantage of our comprehensive global network of intermediaries to ensure you can obtain shareholder information from across the globe in a timely, effective and centralised manner.

Our fully automated processes, supported by a dedicated team of experts who actively follow-up all identification requests, reduces the risk of manual errors and helps you receive accurate information in a structured way that is easy to understand.

Make use of the comprehensive range of information we receive from intermediaries, including shareholder email addresses, physical addresses and a unique identifier for each shareholder.

The data and insights available to you through Euroclear InvestorInsight will enable you to:

  • fully understand your shareholder base (who, why,…) and how it is likely to evolve in composition and shareholder expectations
  • create and deliver effective, targeted communication campaigns (including roadshows, analyst meetings, etc.) enabling you to further manage and protect your corporate reputation
  • anticipate investor actions/needs (at AGM, on corporate events, etc.)
  • identify prospect investors

Simplifying, standardising and adding value

Euroclear InvestorInsight simplifies the shareholder identification process for you and provides additional value throughout the entire shareholder identification disclosure request and response process.

Standardised processing flows ensure you get:

  • increased quality of information
  • delivered on time
  • in a format that will simplify aggregation for further reporting processing

Easy, secure access to greater, more reliable information

Providing you with the most accurate and comprehensive shareholder information available - Euroclear InvestorInsight brings you the following.

An unprecedented level of quality

Leveraging new SRDII obligations


  • Full coverage of shareholders regardless of their country of residence or holding structure - including all necessary contact details for you to reach them
  • Easy access to attractive shareholder analysis that can easily be used for your own reporting purposes
  • Enhanced accuracy of shareholder information thanks to more structured data, standardised process and controls
  • Up-to-date information (information available on J+1) thanks to a fully automated process with imposed deadlines
  • Active follow-up on information collection and reconciliation process by a team of experts

A user-friendly web platform

Easy onboarding - easy access


  • Comprehensive dashboard to monitor your activity
  • Easy access to reports at all time
  • Multiple reports available for consultation or download
    • Intermediary responses with full view on the holding chain
    • End investors view
    • Reconciliation report

Highest data security standards

In keeping with our role as a Financial Market Infrastructure

Transparency of information

Comprehensive overview of responses from the entire holding chain

Scalable, secure service from a trusted FMI

As a cloud-based platform, Euroclear InvestorInsight offers a scalable solution with the highest security standards - as expected from your trusted Financial Market Infrastructure.

Delivered in accordance with current agile methodologies, Euroclear InvestorInsight will provide you with immediate benefits - while continuing to evolve and introduce a series of additional functionalities as the service matures and new market needs emerge.

Delivering tangible benefits...

...for issuers

Your needs

Your needs




Euroclear solutions


Extended reach - Obtain shareholder information from a global network of intermediaries

Comprehensive shareholder information - Amongst others, this includes, a unique shareholder identifier, their email address and a physical address.

Automated controls - boosting the processing & enhancing the data quality

Proactive chasing - from operational experts to ensure completeness and timeliness

Timely response - resulting in more up-to-date - and therefore - relevant information

Your need

Simple user interface

Euroclear solutions


User-friendly platform: easy onboarding - easy access

Comprehensive communication solution: multi-channel, multi-format solution - upload/download or screen consultation

Your needs

Data security

Euroclear solutions


Safe collection and safekeeping of shareholder data (e.g. ISO 20022 data, GDPR compliant)

ESES security standards applied to CSDs as market infrastructures for all interactions

Your needs



Euroclear solutions


Scalable solution - ongoing & continuous service evolution

Open architecture - facilitating efficient collaboration

Potential partnership with complementary service providers

Why Euroclear

Euroclear - ideally positioned to handle your shareholder identification requests

Key role in comprehensive ecosystem

  • as a group of CSDs operating on a single platform, ESES is the first intermediary for Belgium, France & the Netherlands
  • the Euroclear ecosystem is made up of over 2,000 global financial institutions - representing all the leading investment banks, global custodians, central banks & CCPs

Proven expertise in shareholder ID services

  • over 25 years experience in processing shareholder identification requests in France

Your partner of choice

  • as a trusted FMI - ensuring regulatory compliance is second nature to us
  • established provider of issuance and corporate-action services for ESES issuers

Trusted global brand

  • highly regulated, risk averse & resilient FMI
  • annually settling over €992 trillion in value of securities transaction for leading global financial institutions

InvestorInsight platform

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