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Your dedicated shareholder identification service

Complying with new regulatory requirements can be challenging for many firms. 

Euroclear InvestorInsight® is a new service – which is now live – that can help you, as an intermediary, to fully comply with the new regulation on shareholder identification and meet your SRD II obligation simply,  rapidly  & efficiently.

Furthermore - this service is free-of-charge for intermediaries.

Easy-to-use, flexible solution

Euroclear InvestorInsight is a user-friendly web platform offering a comprehensive communication solution. It gives you choice and flexibility in determining the best way to receive and respond to disclosure requests.

Our team of experts are on hand to support you and help you improve the accuracy of shareholder identification information you are able to provide to issuers.

Helping you meet your SRD II obligations

Under SRD II, how you are required to send your responses to shareholder identification requests will depend on the options chosen by the issuer. It also introduces new response deadlines and messaging criteria that all intermediaries will be obliged to meet.

Euroclear InvestorInsight, offers you a tailored shareholder identification service that will help you meet these needs.

Fine-tuned to provide the features you asked for

Following an extensive testing phase we have refined the Euroclear InvestorInsight service to include a number of new functionalities that you asked us for.

  • An administrator role for the InvestorInsight platform: To boost security, we have created an administrator role which will allow you to decide, and have a transparent view of, who within your organisation can access the platform.
  • A reconciliation report: Through a dedicated report you can now easily identify an breaks between the positions reported by intermediaries before or after you in the holding chain.

Enhanced CSV file upload: We have simplified and enhanced the CSV file upload functionality for you to more easily report shareholder details.

Providing choice and ease of access

We have developed a comprehensive set of communications means so, as an intermediary, you can decide which option best fits your needs.

Our new shareholder identification platform

new web-based shareholder identification platform simplifies the shareholder identification process. Straightforward access and easy to use, the platform is available to issuers, third parties and intermediaries and offers choice through various communication means.

SWIFT or BT Radianz ISO 20022 messaging

You also have the following ISO 20022 STP or file transfer connectivity options to interact with our shareholder identification platform:

  • SWIFT Fin+
  • SWIFTNet FileAct
  • BT Radianz File Transfer
  • BT MQ

Easy onboarding

You will need to register to access our shareholder identification platform if you are part of the holding chain for securities issued by an issuer using the service.

This registration process is simple and fast. You only need to complete a straight-forward webform which we will make available to you in time for you to be up and running, and ready to respond to shareholder identification requests.

What does SRD II mean for you?

Article 3 - one of the main changes introduced by SRD II -  gives companies the right to identify their shareholders and creates an obligation on intermediaries to transmit the necessary information to determine shareholder identity.

SRD II introduces:

  • a legal obligation for all intermediaries in the custody chain to provide shareholder information
  • a new T+1 response deadline imposed on intermediaries

In order to meet these requirements:

  • you are required to forward shareholder disclosure requests to the next intermediary in the chain on the same business day
  • you are required to provide shareholder data concerning their own clients to the addressee defined by the issuer by the following business day
  • this data must be shared in machine readable messaging format with certain minimum datapoints

Member States will have a compliance monitoring and enforcement policy, including penalties for non-compliance. These penalties can be severe.

The solution

Making life easier...

... for intermediaries

Your needs

Your needs

Simplified data processing with reduced running costs

Euroclear solution


Simple, straight-forward interface

Harmonised and automated standardised process

Full compliance to SRD II requirements in all locations concerned

Free-of-charge for intermediaries

Your need

Simple, yet comprehensive user interface


User-friendly platform: easy onboarding - easy access

Tailored communication solution: multi-channel, multi-format solution - upload/download or screen consultation and improved support for CSV files

Enhanced functionalities: Dedicated admin role to boost security and oversight.  

Reconciliation tools: Easily identify breaks between positions reported by different intermediaries in the holding chain

Your need

Reliable, dedicated support


Team of operational experts on hand to help ensure you're able to fully meet your SRD II obligations

Your needs

Data security

Data management


Safe collection and safekeeping of shareholder data (e.g. ISO 20022 data, GDPR compliant)

ESES security standards applied to CSDs as market infrastructures for all interactions

Why Euroclear

Euroclear - ideally positioned to handle your shareholder identification requests

Key role in comprehensive ecosystem

  • as a group of CSDs operating on a single platform, ESES is the first intermediary for Belgium, France & the Netherlands
  • the Euroclear ecosystem is made up of over 2,000 global financial institutions - representing all the leading investment banks, global custodians, central banks & CCPs

Proven expertise in shareholder ID services

  • over 25 years experience in processing shareholder identification requests in France

Your partner of choice

  • as a trusted FMI - ensuring regulatory compliance is second nature to us
  • established provider of issuance and corporate-action services for ESES issuers

Trusted global brand

  • highly regulated, risk averse & resilient FMI
  • annually settling over €992 trillion in value of securities transaction for leading global financial institutions

InvestorInsight platform

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