Euroclear InvestorInsight® - processing flow

Your dedicated shareholder identification service

Standardised shareholder identification process flow

Leveraging new standardisation in shareholder identification, Euroclear InvestorInsight® simplifies your shareholder identification disclosure request process while enabling SRD II compliance throughout the chain.

With ESES acting as both shareholder identification service provider and first intermediary / CSD, processing is internalised - creating efficiencies, reducing risk and providing a more transparent view. Furthermore, with all intermediaries along the holding chain able to connect directly to InvestorInsight response deadlines are easier to meet. And the support provided by our teams of operational experts, ensures completeness and accuracy of information.

InvestorInsight shareholder identification process flow

Shareholder identification REQUEST

1. The issuer enters their request(s) directly into the InvestorInsight interface

2. ESES - as both shareholder identification provider and first intermediary/CSD:

  • receives & validates the request
  • identifies & forwards request to next intermediary

3. Intermediary #2 identifies & forwards the request(s) to the next intermediary along the holding chain etc.


Shareholder identification RESPONSE

1. All intermediaries throughout the holding chain enter their response directly into the InvestorInsight interface

2. The issuer consults the InvestorInsight interface for up-to-date response reporting

3. InvestorInsight:

  • leverages a team of operational experts to ensure information is complete and on time
  • consolidates, reconciles and forwards responses
  • provides value-added reporting