Euroclear at Sibos

10-13 October 2022


"I am looking forward to catching up with you all – in person – at SIBOS in the bustling city of Amsterdam!

This year, in addition to our stand in the main hall, we will host a Discover pavilion in the Discover area where you can meet our FinTech partners (Greenomy, Global Fund Watch, Impact Cubed, Taskize) and find out more about the exciting initiatives we have been working on in the innovation space to support our long-term vision and related strategy.”

Bernard Ferran, Chief Commercial Officer – Euroclear group

Throughout the Sibos week, our experts and fintech partners will share their insights on a wide range of topics that are high on the industry’s agenda. 

Don’t forget to come over to our stand A48 for a refreshing smoothie from our famous smoothie bar!

Do also visit our Discover pavilion PB4 to meet our fintech partners and find out more about innovation at Euroclear!

Our main stand


Our Discover Pavilion


Meet our speakers

Monday, 12:30 - 13:15

Olivier Grimonpont
Managing Director, Head of Product Management, Market Liquidity, Euroclear group

Panel: Is T+1 the goal or a step to instant securities settlement?


Years ago, a T+1 securities settlement cycle seemed like a utopia. Today, as markets move in this direction many believe that the industry should leverage the adoption of DLT and digital assets to go for instantaneous settlement and render the T+n debate obsolete. The question remains: what prevents securities from settling instantly? Technology, time zones, liquidity, or is there something else?

Wednesday, 8:30

Bernard Ferran
Chief Commercial Officer, Euroclear group

Sibos TV interview

Listen in to find out more about our long-term vision and related strategy.  

Wednesday, 12:00 - 13:00

Paul Symons
Group Chief of Staff and Chief Sustainability Officer, Euroclear group

Panel: Green, clean, and ESG: Rewiring capital markets for a new generation of responsible investors


Millennials and Gen Z are set to drive the biggest trend in investment funds: an ESG-exclusive market. As asset managers start to manage $30 trillion of assets inherited by these generations from baby boomers it’s likely that only green, clean, ethical, sustainable and socially responsible funds will be up for grabs. At the same time, a new generation of leaders across all industries will challenge even the existence of non-ESG investments and push for perhaps the most impactful change in capital markets yet. In this session, we’ll look at what this means for the securities market as we know it today.

Wednesday, 15:00 - 16:00

Valerie Urbain
Executive Director and Chief Business Officer, Euroclear group

Private mentoring session, STAR (Sibos Talent Acceleration Route) programme

The STAR (Sibos Talent Acceleration Route) programme has been elevating rising female talent in our industry by offering a group talented and rising female professionals the opportunity to participate in Sibos.

Thursday, 10:00 - 10:45

A.J. Harper
Head of Sustainable Finance, ETFs and Asset Managers, Euroclear group

Panel: The future of sustainable investment


New regulations are expected to bring more stability and resilience in the ESG landscape. No doubt this will make it easier for issuers to meet investors’ information needs. But how close are we to achieving a comprehensive global baseline of ESG standards? And how easy is it for an investor to interoperate with a myriad of global issuers, regulators and ESG service providers? In this session, we’ll explore the role a centralised technical platform could play in connecting ESG data consumers and service providers. Join us to learn how we can accelerate the investment community’s ESG journey and not only make a difference for the financial industry, but also the world.

Meet our FinTech partners at the Euroclear Discover Pavilion

Euroclear is hosting a Discover pavilion at Sibos for the first time!

Curious about our innovation journey? At our Discover pavilion, our innovation team will be happy to share with you what innovation is like at Euroclear and what innovative initiatives we have been working on.

Who are our FinTech partners and what does their partnership with Euroclear mean for the market and Euroclear clients? Come and chat with our team and partners - including Greenomy, Global Fund Watch, Impact Cubed and Taskize.

Want to see our FinTech partners in action? Come visit them at the Discover stage as they share with the audience about a range of topics: from sustainability, transparency to digitalisation.

ESG Taxonomies made easy

Alexander Stevens
CEO, Greenomy 

The Future of Investing

Libby Bernick
CEO, Impact Cubed

Eliminate avoidable queries with APIs

Kishan Bharwad
Head of Product, Taskize

KYC in a few clicks

Valerie Kaliski
CEO, Global Fund Watch