Valerie Urbain

Chief Business Officer - Euroclear group

Valérie Urbain is an Executive Director and a member of the Euroclear group Management Committee. 

As Chief Business Officer, she has overall responsibility for the Commercial and Product Development divisions within the Euroclear Group.

Before her position as CBO she was Chief Executive Officer at Euroclear Bank, with responsibility for Euroclear Bank’s Operations, Commercial, Client Service, Banking and Network Management divisions worldwide. 

Between 2009 and year end 2014, Mrs. Urbain was the CEO of the three ESES Central Securities Depositories (CSDs), namely Euroclear Belgium, Euroclear France and Euroclear Nederland.

Prior to this, she was Managing Director and head of the Human Resources division of the Euroclear Group from 2005 until 2009.

Earlier in her career, Mrs. Urbain held a number of positions in Product Management, Commercial and Network Management.

Before joining Euroclear in 1992, Mrs. Urbain worked in the Investment Banking and Bond Sales departments of Banco Hispano Americano and in the Corporate Banking division of Continental Bank (both in Brussels).

Mrs. Urbain holds a degree in Commercial Engineering from the Solvay Business School (Belgium).